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01 March 2011



She made that money in 2007. I would imagines she spent that already. Now if she wants to make a donation that's one thing but I'm not seeing how this is such a grand gesture. The Qaddafi family has been linked to many groups that have been labeled terrorist organizations, including the group that committed the lockerbie bombing. One of those sons allegedly beat his wife damn near to death.

Perhaps she should have done her research and not perform in the first place sense her conscience now bothers her.


Yes Freeleo, she should keep the money and use it yo build a time machine and go back to 2007 and refuse the concert. That is the only way she can make amends for her wrong.

Distant Lover

The fact that she is trying to make amends by donating the funds to charity shows that she's got a heart. Now, us Queens may say that she shouldn't have taken it in the first place, but I'm sure that we all have done something (or someone) that we have later regretted and wished to God that we could take it back, so let's cut Nelly some slack. At least she's trying to make amends. Now let's see if Miss Beyonce and Usher follow suit.


"I'm not seeing how this is such a grand gesture ..."

Because keeping the money is an even "grander" gesture. And donating a million dollars to any charity is sooooo worthless.

Freeleo, you sound like a stan at MediaTakeOut. It is one thing to say Nelly Furtado (or Beyoncé, Usher, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent) does NOT have to donate the money. Because they do not have to. But to start blaming and attacking Nelly Furtado for not "doing her research" ... and giving a pass to Beyonce, Mariah and gay bashing Usher and Fiddy? #FAIL

And werent you defending Breezy all those months after he beat Rihanna to a pulp? YOU really don't want to go there.

You're right about one thing. They all should have done their research. But at least Furtado has a conscience. The others? Not so much.

This blog is like clockwork. You can always count on black gay men to crawl out the woodwork and defend gay bashing athletes or RnB singers who beat their girlfriends. And the same ones are always MIA on anything to do with civil or human rights, or black gay teens being bashed.


This is about OIL! All of us who drive daily, or heat our homes or take planes are financing the Qaddafi's life style. A million dollars means absolutely nothing to the oil rich and very little to the entertainers who go and perform for them. It is a token gesture at best.

Dalton, please try to control your hardon for me. I'm embarrassed for you.



While a million dollars means nothing to the Qaddafi's, and maybe not even to Nelly Furtado, it damn sure means a lot to ANY charity she gives it to.

You seem very informed about world politics and events, so it's easy for you to sit back and say "they should have known about the Quaddafi history," but honestly, what percent of Americans do you think have a clue who the Quaddafi's are? Probably below 10%. Then when you add to that an insane publicity, advertisement, workout, and performing schedule, do you really think these stars are watching CNN? BBC? MSNBC? NY Times?

I doubt 5% of entertainers do personal research on their bookings, that's what the agents and managers and handlers are for. They hire these people to protect them from embarrassing situations like these and when they fail, the artist can only do what they can to make up for it.

Bravo Nelly Furtado.


Perhaps the USA should return the hundreds of millions of barrels of oil that we have purchased from Libya over the last 30 years while we conveniently turned a blind eye to the dictatorship in that country. This is not a brand new issue. I've been reading and hearing about Qaddafi all my life.


If entertainers were smart, they would seek out dictators, torturers, arms manufacturers, investment bankers, and polluters to perform for, and then quietly donate their fees to whatever organizations are trying to fight these people. That way, the criminals would be unwittingly funding their own demise.


Did he just become a dictator over night?

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