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06 March 2011





Thanks for posting this. The 'mainstream media' sort of ignores speedskating in non-Olympic years. Shani is a great and deserving champion.


I cant get over how dominant he is! We can do anything we apply ourselves to, it's time for some more blacks atop tennis, business, real estate, shyt, lets go for hockey too!

chris w

And Lacrosse too.



Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace Rod & to All!

Shani Davis is a stellar athlete and epitome of excellence in the face of adversity, facing all Africans and African Americans in our One World, today.

As authorities attempt to turn back the clock across continents and countries, including our own, by discriminating, dividing and defrauding peoples of their Divine, that is, inalienable, and Human Rights, Shani Davis' very own dedicating, determining, developing and defining sense of himself and his Spirit is a most marvelous and magnificent model of a liberated life and a flame of Freedom, lighting a path for each and all of us, aspiring to the greatness of our God-given gifts.

Hard work and wholeheartedness, has set his skates on fire creating his global groove of achievement and a streaking glimpse of Humanity at its best.

Shani, I am so very proud of you, your mom and team Davis: Well done, bruthaman, solid Gold, One Love!

All I am,
Yours in One Love,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems

"Serving One Love and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity"

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