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07 March 2011



GOOD! Thank you!

Account Deleted

Good news...I don't necessarily condemn any of these music artists but goodness, performing for war criminals?

....Now cue the folks that will tell us not to cast stones or make judgments on their actions because doing so we become no better than those who hate us.


Greg G

It's about effin time.
So much for the stans who said this would never happen, their fave celebs didn't need to do this, we were "haters" etc etc.

You can't make anything happen if you don't speak up. And as black people, esp black gay men, we are taught not to speak up and to worship celebrity. Hell, most of us don't even come out of the closet and stay in abusive churches, "human rights" and ethics are exotic concepts to most in our communmity.

They did the right thing because people were speaking up ... and they did not want to become part of an war crimes trial.

And bravo to Rod and others who spoke up when it wasnt popular.


i understand where you are coming from, but frankly i am tired of it. This is a waste of time, why are we picking on celebrities doing concerts, when our government was doing business with Qaddafi at the same time these concerts were being held?

Are we going to return the oil we buy from Libya, after all the money we give them for oil is what he is using to KILL HIS PEOPLE?

Greg G

@ Johnosahon:

These weren't concerts they were private parties. And no one is 'picking on' your precious Beyonce or Usher ... who do nothing for our community and donated the blood money from Gadafi.

There have been only 3 or 4 posts about it on this blog. If you are so tired of it, DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT. Why don't you comment on the new young gay NAACP leader, Trump trying to take our rights away or any of hundreds of other posts I have never seen your name in?



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