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30 March 2011



Is he a bigot because he has mental problems, or is he a bigot also with mental problems. Or do I care? Either way he needs to be locked up

Jim J

Two votes for "locked up"

Don in NYC

Clearly the cheese slipped off of his cracker a long time ago. A danger and menace to everyone around him...


LOL @ Don-in-NYC: "Clearly the cheese slipped from the cracker long ago" . . . lmao. Couldn't have said it better myself bruh ;o)

Derrick from Philly

The epitome of a bully: picking on those who are mild-mannered, but scared of those who will give you a fight.

Somebody ought to give him tips on successful suicide techniques for the next time (hopefully) he's sent to jail.

His son will be better off without him...and so will we.

Donny D.

He even looks like racist prison trash. I hope the authorities lean on him hard to let him know he can't get away with his sh*t.

And am I seeing things or is that outfit of his an odd shade of pink?

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