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07 March 2011



This situation is easily solved...just hit him in his pockets! Boycott ALL things TRUMP! Don't watch his lame TV program or do watch it so you know what to NOT patronize. And so that squirrel wearing clown who really runs NYC, LGBT tourist dollars! Bloomberg is smart enough to know it!


I don't think it's conflicting with his business strategy at all. It's the same as it's always been...blacks/gays/other minorities are a-okay as long as we are spending $$$. The minute we ask to take a single step up? It's a wrap.

Distant Lover

Rod, you nailed what Mr, Trump is all about in your last paragraph. Another soulless media driven candidate! I am so sick of this rug wearing stuffed shirt I could puke! Somebody call Rosie O'Donnell to put The Donald back in his place!

Mel Smith

Trump is a homophobic racist billionaire pig.



Exactly. He's the definition of VILE.


...and of course with his documented reverence for the institution of marriage Donald should be the standard by which all people measure their married lives. What a hypocrite. Of course if we're to consider the wash-ups and has-beens that are on his current Apprentice show, it is more than understandable that this soulless opportunist is using the pending Presidential primaries to keep his media-seeking carrot-tinged mug on the front page.

Greg G

ROFL @ Mel, Eddie, Distant Lover

And Rod, you slay me with your writing "Serial divorcee Donald Trump trying to build up a little street cred" and "soulless media driven candidate"

Trump will say he is WINNING!


media-seeking carrot-tinged mug



I only watch the show FOr Ne Ne and Latoya but that being said, if he don't support gay rights than why take money from gay people? Oh because he is greedy and don't care where the money comes from like most rich greedy people but they just hate on folks who could care less about who and how many times he marry!! WHATEVER.

Account Deleted

A fool at best.

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