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25 March 2011



PHEW! hotness


Rob needs to stop frontin, he knows damn well his pretty ass aint no damn boxer. If he is than prove it, beat me up. Please beat me.

Derrick from Philly

His lips say, "I'll let you kiss me, but first you must beg...on your knees"

Derrick from Philly

Damn, Logan:

LOL....here we just got finished discussing the issue of us loving and respecting ourselves in the previous topic "Would you want a man like you"; and now already you and I are drooling over this pretty piece of trade. You want him to beat you, and I'm about to crawl on the ground for him.

LOL!....Lawd, Lawd, there no hope...LOL! Lawd, please have mercy!


I'd say that is just about as perfectly fine as you can get


I wanna comment but every other word is a curse! B!tch! D@mn! Mothaf*ck! Ooh hes hot. Okay, I'm over it,..sh!t!



Distant Lover

I wouldn't mind being his punching bag, sparring partner, spit bucket, towel. ShYt, he so phyne, he could pee on me and I wouldn't be mad at all! DAYUM!


Distant Lover said: ShYt, he so phyne, he could pee on me and I wouldn't be mad at all!

H*ll, if he peed on me, I would be really pissed.


Looks like he got a nice little tan, and perhaps was told to slim down a bit. Still look good to me!

Lang B

I'd say he is the HOTTEST model in YEARS. LOVE me some Nathan Owens & Nate Gill but ROB EVANS is Physical perfection!

Liberator Émigré Éire

Rod - where did you hear that Rob is Belfast-born? I've been following him since he first appeared and have never heard that anywhere. If it's true I'll be thrilled, being a Belfast boy myself.

Rod Mc

That's according to the interview. First line under Q&A. -RM

Liberator Émigré Éire

Oops, didn't notice the Q&A. Guess that's why you're the professional journo and I'm not... lol

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