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18 March 2011


Distant Lover

Complete and utter bullshyt!
This man left him all of his money and he saw an easy payday.
I hope they light him up like a Xmas tree and hang his rotting corpse as an example to the other cowardly murderers.

Black Pegasus

Once again, Religion and it's inherent bigotry and hypocrisy shoulders some of the blame for yet another killing.....Thank God I'm an Atheist!




Okay then....


This is disgusting. While we don't know the nature of their relationship, it's unfortunate that Murray couldn't find suitable companionship and wound up befriending a monster. When I speak of companionship, I don't necessarily mean a lover, but even platonic friends, of any age who have his best interests at heart and not this piece of dirt who was his only friend, enough so to be the sole beneficiary of his will, who would murder him in cold blood.

So often in this lifestyle we're quick to dismiss older people, as young as 30 is considered "in the grave" to some of these kids now, the obsession with youth is sad, we should hope to grow up and old one day. So many of us don't even make it to their 30's. No one should meet this fate just looking for a friend. I'm gonna go make some geriatric friends this weekend, they may need the company and I surely could use the wisdom.

me love ne ne

i guess this guy didn't read the part in the bible that says Thou shalt not Kill, hmmmmm picking and choosing

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