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24 March 2011



Donal Trump need to sit his azz down with that bad hair he be wearing. I never like his ass and i still don't. Won't want him to be my president. Trump need to look in his closet and see all the shty he has in it on the kind of person he is. The best thing for him to do is crawl under a rock and stay there.

Derrick from Philly

How to be a multi-millionaire and stupid at the same time.


Ww Oo Ww!! Such IGnoRANCE!!!


Ugh. That man is tiresome. Good luck with that presidential Trump. What narcissistic nightmare.


I always thought this guy was a jerk but now that he's making his political views known more and more it just reinforces my opinion. Why should Obama have to bring out his birth certificate just because someone asked to see it? If I ask to see Trumps drivers license is he obligated to show it to me? NO!! President Obama is the leader of the country, he doesn't have to go pulling out documents and giving these birther freaks any attention. His certificate of live birth was enough for me, the former republican governor of Hawaii said he was born there so what more do these idiots want? Just a quick side not, I can't stand Elizabeth Hasselfu**, she is the most annoying person I've ever seen on tv that wasn't working for fox news.


Nice insults you hurled at Trump right from the get go. I can definitely tell this place is a favorite of the 'highly intelligent'

And as for "against marriage equality, against same sex partner benefits"

So is Obama...go back and look at his positions on these issues in 2007.

Donald Trump also has a better chance of winning in 2012 than Obama has at the moment. Obumbler isn't doing too well in the polls.
Trump has "a better chance of winning in 2012"? Does your Mommy know you are playing on the computer again, little boy? -RM

Byron Monte

oh jon, just go play elsewhere love. we, the highly intelligent, are not interested in your opinion nor in your showings of affection for this populist blabbermouth. bye now.


Obama is not without flaws. I am not happy about the Libya attack, but the birth certificate issue is LAME. Attack him on the REAL issues and not this petty BS!

Greg G

Jon, when you say Trump is "winning" ... would that be like Charlie Sheen?

Or people actually voting for a 3x married, serial adulterer, bankrupt filing reality star who wants to tell me I can't have equal rights?

And what type of closet case white conservative trolls the largest black gay blog on the net? Shouldn't you be "winning"?

Greg G

>>>I can definitely tell this place is a favorite of the 'highly intelligent'

And yet here you are, Blanche.


The way things are going, Obama might win in 2012 because he’s the only person running who isn’t certifiable.

Of course, a big chunk of the U.S. is certifiable, so maybe that’s actually a disadvantage...


I think Whoopi hit it on the head and I think he would not be going through this birth certificate crap if he was WHITE...I think they are just haters and Obama is the right Black man for that job because I would have told them to kiss my BLACK A.. by now!!!!

Black Pegasus

The White House has already issued a copy of the President's Birth Certificate and his Birth Records.
Any further talk about the issue only plays into the scheme to delegitimized this President.

Let me check my damn calendar cuz I can't believe it's 2011 and we're still hearing from these malcontents who simply cannot accept a Black President of the United States.


Why does Obama need to show his birth certificate? No one asked for George W Bush's HS diploma or college degrees...


Giggling at Greg's ..."but here you are Blanche."
Here's what's disturbing to me. Either Trump is pandering to the birther crowd and those who "suspect" something about the President isn't right OR he is so woefully uninformed about the fact that Obama's birth cert has been examined and found authentic, long ago. He also argues that the cert is only the short form. Short or long , the major info about birth place, parents, child's name, etc. are there.

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