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15 April 2011



It's good to see U R back on your grind Ron...nothing surprises me about preachers/reverands/bishops, etc. these days

Greg G

Hooray! Rod returns!

Child...you won't even believe the race riot in the comments at Towleroad and Queerty over Jesse Jackson and Kobe Bryant.

Nope. You would. Shameful.

So what do we think about the good reverend ... ?


Sounds like a good Tyler Perry movie just simmering to happen. ANYBODY dumb enough to work for ole crazy Jesse...Some jobs, despite the money just aint worth it.
And to actually sue JacksonLOL?! Him and that 'organization' broke as hell, duhh..

Jim J

Welcome back Rod! We'll see how this story plays out.


I have been in R20 withdrawal all week! Welcome back Rod.

We'll see how this case pans out. I really don't have an opinion but I wouldnt be surprised at the allegations, it seems like a power trip.

Why this man would willingly settle for packing suitcases after being PUSH's national field director ... that is worth asking.

Chitown Kev

@Greg G

Please, let me not get started on Kobe Bryant...thing is I DETEST Kobe "I can buy my wife off with a $4 MILLION diamond ring" Bryant (child, when that hapened there were some sistas in my office that were HATIN...but I digress)...but I am so sick of these white queens...

Anyway, I don't know what to think of this drama

Chitown Kev

goodness, my manners...

Wewlcome back, Rod...honey, you ain't really missed nothin'...samo, samo.

Derrick from Philly

I simply believe my beloved Reverend Jackson would torment this poor child...just to get a blow job.

But then again, TRADE is selfish...always have been.

Derrick from Philly

Of course, I meant to say that I simply CAN'T believe my Reverend would do this.

I wonder how far up the Reverend's legs the child was supposed to rub the cream. Well, good thing he stuck to his guns or else there would have been cream shooting out all over the place. Then the child would have had to clean up another hotel room.

Clean up this mess! Oooo, I'd have been evil too.

Distant Lover

Don't nothin' surprise me coming from ole Messy Jesse! First he's cutting off the President's balls to having his aide clean up his love juices to smearing him with ointment to clear up his herpes to asking for a BJ. Ole Messy Jesse, as regards drama, he's the gift that keeps on giving!


That picture....Ms. World....PUHLEEZE!!!

Honut Sinti

First, Rod, welcome back.

Next, as I read each para, my "OMGs" reached a higher and higher pitch and key until I could give Ms. Leontyne a run for her money. LOL!

Sign me "Too Through".


I wouldn't put it pass Jackson. He has indeed been caught "with his pants down" quite a bit over the last few years. That type of behavior doesn't start suddenly. But age can make you messy and forgetful with regard to making sure "your wig is on straight".

I think he did it. If he didn't I will apologize, but he was and is still living by the old southern baptist rules: He on the most high, is sometimes the most low. And if you keep it in the congregation, you are supposely safe.

Those rules are changing and the queens and others are no longer being shamed into silence.


O_O!!!!!! Did I just read what I thought I did?

Damn, Rod...back from a break with guns blazing, fully loaded.


Yeah, that picture is whack, but I will cut Jesse some slack until they get to court/settle (one saying more than the other).

As your crew concurs, glad to see your posts!

Nathan James

Good to see you back, Rod! Now, about this craziness from the Ministry of Hot Messes...SMH!!!


Tommy is a good man. If he is suing there is something to it. I met Rev. Jackson at a convention he promotes to supposedly give people jobs. Unfortunately I was not impressed. It looked like a way to squeeze money out of corporations but not for the disenfranchised but rather for personal gain. I hope Tommy wins. At least he had the courage to try.


I can't.....


While it’s true that Jesse has supported gay civil rights since the 1980s, it was always plain to me that he was supportive because it would bring him votes, not because his heart was in it. Mind you, that’s better than our current president, who is still “evolving” because he is afraid that being supportive of gay people will drive away votes. But still, I would really prefer someone who just naturally believes in justice.

Jesse has always been an opportunist. In the 1980s, he was the best man running for president, and I voted for him twice, but he was never very authentic. And I’ve met quite a few people who have worked with him personally, and they all say this, too.

I have no idea if the charges are true, but it wouldn’t shock me—just sadden me—if they were.


What Jim said. Oh, and I also agree with LP. Tommy's a good dude and would not be doing this if he felt there was another way. I believe him.

Chitown Kev

@Derrick From Philly

Miss Thing, you was right the first time and you know it!

I loves y'all cause y'all are just too many THANGS with the reads and shades and things of that nature. The story is certainly worth it and I still want to know the real TEAS.


i was with the brother filing this suit until it came to giving the good reverend some head. if jesse jackson isn't worthy of getting some good head, then who is? although i did enjoy the anecdote about the strapping football playing pre-reverend jackson being up for some trade. that's the kind of story that you couldn't make up no matter how many drinks you've guzzled. i will always keep the reverend's words close to my crotch...***that's not gay. that's surviving.***


SMH @ Aaron

We're talking about the status of LGBTs in the black community and at PUSH, hon. Not about fantasies about the "strapping football playing pre-reverend jackson".

Yet another reason why our issues are never seriously treated in the larger black community. We cant even treat them seriously ourselves.

And I totally cosign Derrick, Diva and Jim. And welcome back Rod!


okay, seriously, how does someone assign a nominal fee of $350,000 to their suffering after they've claimed to be dismissed, disrespected and debased as a human being?

i don't claim to know this bennett person, but i do know that it's counter-intuitive that a gay man would want to continue to work in a sexually hostile environment where they were supposedly maltreated because of their sexuality.

what's stopping bennett from taking his backpay and $350,000 pieces of silver and creating his own organization where black gay men never hear stories about straight guys who got blow jobs from their college professors and where they don't have to phone the hotel maid to come and clean up after their employers?


Is anyone else just a little shocked that Rainbow PUSH's non-discrimination policy doesn't already include sexual orientation and gender identity??!

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