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15 April 2011



I'm very, very glad that the jury man rejected this man's homophobic defense and convicted him Don's murder. He took from the world a beautiful, talented human being. He deserves to molder in jail for the rest of his life.

Derrick from Philly

Don was great at telling stories. Don and I both grew up in North Philadelphia, but you'd never know it when hearing Don's always correct English and beautiful speaking voice. I missed him when he left Philly for the last time. He always kept me laughing.


Thank you Rod for this update. This has been on my mind for the last month.
I am so glad the gay panic defense didn't go through. I am so tired of our lgbt community being abused and killed, then told it was our fault. It is usually 1 gay and 5 thugs. Yet it is said it was the 1 gay who started it and scared the 5 thugs. And then it takes 5 thugs to beat/kill 1 gay. They can't have it both ways. We can't be weak little girly men, and yet scare the hell out of grown a** thugs.
I hope other people and juries start coming to that realization, and start rejecting the big, bad effeminate, girly man scaring the 6'4 marine, gangster, wife beating, drug dealing, chain carrying thug.


Don Belton was my professor at Temple a few years back. He was a lovely man and I'm glad that justice was served today.

Distant Lover

Another coward busted for what he really is. How gratifying! BTW: Rod, I am so glad that you are back in the saddle! You keep me from slitting my wrist as this boring a$$ job!
Stay well!


Even in Indiana, the Midwestern capital of the KKK, they didn’t buy the alibi of this sweet all-American boy.

It’s probably a good thing, though, that this trial was in Bloomington.


Justice is served!

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