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06 April 2011



I thought it was such a beautiful moment.


I thought it was a beautiful moment also Jay. Love you baby♥

Gerard Peters

What was the problem?

Derrick from Philly

"What was the problem?"

Stupid White Trash and Ignorant N.gguhs, that's the problem, Gerard. They're all over the place like Tribbles.

Erik Proctor

Stupid ignorant people!


How dare we choose to show love, a mere moment of unity, understanding and civility their greatest fear? That we know and love OURSELVES.


I can't believe people are taking this is seriously. It was obvious a little fun after the game. Homeboy started laughing. It's cute and innocuous.


the canadians are way ahead of us

Gerard Peters

Ok, so two blokes held hands, BIG FREAKING DEAL. It's not like they raped a gang of children or killed a race of people. GOD!

One day they will all get OVER it.


This society is more comfortable seeing two black men hold guns then hold hands - Ernest J. Gaines


Although I am an Orlando Magic fan and live in Orlando, I did not see this game or the two players holding hands. I, too, think it is a beautiful thing to see. Also it was really only a matter of a little affection, not as though they kissed on the lips and drove the homophobes crazy. That would have really caused a gay panic and even more hatred. Sports is so homophobic.

And now I am waiting for the massive campaign that will follow on the part of the two players, the Raptors, the sports analyists, etc., to rush to the players' defense and transform them into "nice and good" heterosexual athletes.

The Truth

Beautiful moment. Its really sad how society views affection among men.

Tom Bardwell

so adorable!

Distant Lover

Some people don't grow past adolescence and they are the ones that hog all of the attenion. I say, PHUCK THEM and let's focus on the beauty of one teamate shoring up the other. A little male bonding never hurt, In fact, if we had more make bonding, maybe we can curtail a lot of male killing.

Mel Smith

Derrick, exactly what I feel.

Honut Sinti

It still amazes me how people get all twitchy over a simple, positive and genuine display of male kindness and affection.


This society is more comfortable seeing two black men hold guns then hold hands - Ernest J. Gaines


This rings so true. thank you Joseph


Until very recently, there were many societies on this Earth where, on every street, you would see two men holding hands or two women holding hands, but NEVER a man and woman holding hands. (That would be considered scandalous.)

Some of these societies were African.

But American men are hysterically frightened that someone might think they are a fag. They are so frightened, in fact, that they are willing to give up a basic part of life: touching a friend.


Isaiah and Magic used to kiss back in the 80's, and these guys just held hands as a sign of unity. I guess a pat on the behind would have been more acceptable.


It just hit me, had they been hosed down, or escaped a lynching, holding hands would have been ok as a sign of unity.Thats the only time we can sing, 'we'll walk hand in hand someday'...I finally get it !

Nathan James

This sorry outpouring of hatred underscores how far we've yet to go as a society. When the day comes that two men can hold hands freely and publicly, without fear of retaliation, no one will rejoice more than me. The question is, will that happen within my lifetime? The treatment these two players got, doesn't encourage me...


masculinity in america has become synonymous with aggression. and sadly, it's so-called straight black males who are the biggest perpetuators of this madness.

not only is it taboo for black men gay or straight to publicly show affection for each other, straight black men are really not that affectionate with black females. in their warped minds, affection is bumping and grinding for ten minutes or slobbering so-called kisses.

violent tendencies really is the definition of masculinity in black american and any modicum of male/male affection is the antithesis of that.

if two black sports athletes want to show male bonding then they'll have to stick to the tried and true way like raping women and bashing gay men. now that's good ole wholesome male bonding.

Doug Cooper Spencer

Fear. That's the energy behind a lot of those comments. Some men fear the face of their own sexuality and some women fear that they might not be the object of a man's desire. Both are pathetic symptoms of a scarred psyche. Then there's the fear that all we've been told life should be just might not be-- and that's scary to some folks because if it's not what they've been told, then they can't envision what can be. A lot of fear out there and in the end, Fear breeds hatred.


At the end of the day, THE PLAYERS DIDN'T CARE! That's what I want to make sure is RESPECTED and clear. They KNEW that cameras were present and whatever the brotherhood, the connection and the strength between them as GROWN MEN is powerful and present and theirs. The "punks" who want to get into the conversation and who hide online between words and comments are only telling on themselves. If they were TEAMMATES then that means somebody ELSE would be on their A game, so BLESS IT!

PUNKS JUMP UP TO GET BEAT DOWN...and like all of the comments online--SHUT DOWN!


Holding hand with a guy. . .no, But a firm long handshake with a smile. . .yes? smh

The image is of team unity. So what, they are holding hands. After a while, two guys giving each other high fives will be too much. *sigh*

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