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16 April 2011



Wow, read this heading on another news site decided to rush over to Rod's... anyway this is almost new religion. However, I am holding my breath until someone provides more incriminating evidence or the name of Rev Al Sharpton surfaces.
"Oh the Divine 9" can't wait to July!!!


I'll give Jesse the benefit of the doubt on this one. There is something fishy going on here and I'm not ready to go all in on Jesse just yet. As Rod said in the other article, Jackson has a long history of supporting the LGBT Community. It's usually the viciously anti-gay folks who secretly want that special attention.


some other posters replied that they knew bennett personally. i don't know him personally and i'm not ready to co-sign to his allegations.

it's counter-intuitive that someone would want to return to an environment that was ostensibly, sexually hostile to them. by the way, is $350,000 the going price for being asked to give someone a blow job and calling in the maid to clean up after them at the luxurious hotel?

if someone debased me and horrified me by telling me stories of when their college professor paid them $10 for oral sex, i would be asking in excess of a million dollars for my pain and suffering.

seems like bennett is selling himself cheap. then again, people treat you the way you instruct them. it's a shame that some women are sexually harassed and it's wrong. yet and still, there are some women that a man wouldn't think to step to and harass. the reason is because she carries herself with an authority that says: if you fuck with me--it can lead to nothing good.

DW Jazzlover

I think I will reserve Judgment either way, until a little more comes out..
The old saying, "Where There Is Smoke There is Fire"..


That picture is doing a lot.



this takes jesse's rainbow hypocrisy to new color schemes!!


how long will jesse's wife endure his bi letch madness???


Derrick from Philly

Even with his belly and the bags under his eyes Reverend Jackson is still sexy (sexier than his son to me). I would have gladly given him the BJ-- although the inner thigh rash would've made me uncomfortable.

Look! Great men and women tend to have great sexual appetites. That aint nothin' new. Remember Secretary Clinton's husband? I only care about your sexual activity if you are a hypocrite and liar--hurting other people while you're getting your rocks off. Reverend Jackson gave a couple of speaches about the problem of teenage pregnancy and having kids out of wedlock, BUT that was his job as a black leader. I still love him.

I hope this child gets some money out of this, but I don't have much sympathy for him. If your boss is demanding blowjobs--then either quit or open up your jaws (and hold your nose if necessary). THis whole thing was unnecessary and messy.

And the rash wasn't no damn herpes...I pray it wasn't anyway--the good Reverend may come to Philly in the future. I hope to meet him...oh, yeah.


i'm not ready to hang the reverend out to dry and usually i'm not on the side of fake evangelicals. still, i can't subscribe to the notion that jesse jackson is somehow to blame for all the ills that plague gay black men. many of those ills begin in these gay black men's own families and they never address it. it's hypocritical of gay black men to point their fingers at the outside world about ostensibly disrespecting them when they don't even put their own families in check. they act mealy-mouthed and punk-azzed around their families and then expect the world at large to bow to them because they're gay.

i'm curious to know how anyone knew that this bennett person was gay. he's quick in his deposition to announce how the rev jackson confided to him that he allowed a college professor to give him a blow job for $10 a slurp, but how does information like that simply come out in professional conversation while doing your duties?

hypothetically, if the whole organization is discussing the fact that you have crabs and it's true, how would they know something so intimate unless you publicized it yourself.

this bennett person obviously needs the money and i hope he gets it and when he gets his pound of flesh, he can donate it to whatever gay organization he believes will give gay black men the backbones to stand up for themselves instead of debasing themselves to employers in the first place and then crying sexual harassment once they're dismissed.

Mitchell Wright

This is a mess. I am not sure what to believe. I have interacted with this Tommy guy in social settings and he is a little over the top, which would make me not believe him to some degree.

Black Pegasus


You're right. That picture is not comfortable to look at. At any rate, I don't believe his claims.


that's interesting@mitchell. some previous posters have spoken as though this person bennett has a mouth like a prayer book.

i guess i tend to be more sympathetic to women who claim to be sexually harassed because they're working hard to support their families and no one should have to give up some tail to keep a good job.

however, whether you're gay or not a man should grab his nutz and let peeps no up front that he's about business and not about games. unfortunately, once you start disclosing your personal sexual life to your boss it's hard to back track and then start behaving as though you're the virgin mary.

a bruh can be gay and still carry himself with a sense of authority that let's others know that he's not about the bullshit. i get the funny feeling that this bennett person projected mixed signals. what else would compel the reverend jackson to tell him something so highly personal as the fact that he used to get blow jobs from his college professor? i had never heard that anecdote before this bennett person revealed it in his deposition.

only a secret can buy a secret so if rev jackson confided something so intimate to this bennett person, then this bennett person must have been running his mouth as well about things that had nothing to do with business or professionalism. professionalism and respect are things that you can't demand without first exhibiting them yourself.


We already know for a FACT that the Reverend is a baby daddy and dedicated whoremonger. So why are Mr. Bennett's allegations so far-fetched?

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