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05 April 2011


Derrick from Philly

You know, years ago many Black folks used to make jokes about preachers as flimflam artists and sexual hypocrites. (Ms Zora Neal Hurston and others recorded such "Southern Black Humor") I wonder they stopped telling the truth about preachers?


The Hypocrisy just continues on.......


As a preacher and a pastor, I would take a bit of umbrage with the statement IF IT WERE NOT TRUE to some extinct.

I do say this unequivocally: Anytime a preacher gets away from the central message of Love that is Christianity, and by that I mean THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST, THE SAVIOR, they do so because they always throw someone else under the bus when they fear that the bus is headed directly towards them!

Natalie Cole once quoted Nancy Wilson, who probably got it from her grandmother,"YOU CAN I HIDE YOUR HEAD, BUT YOUR FEET WILL SHOW!"


Is there some boot camp that these gay preachers to through where they learn how to manipulate these children and how to get them into a position where the can molest them? This story is not only similar to Eddie Long, it is also like another pastor that Rod reported on a few months ago. Its just a shame!!!!

Not Again

Not to make light of the subject, but Glory House? Don't ya think that's a little to close to glory hole?

Chitown Kev

@Derrick From Philly

Yeah, I think that Langston Hughes wrote one of his Simple columns on the subject of pork-chop preachers.

Mostly, though, those would have been the "blues folks" in black American culture that made fun of the hypocrisy of preachers.

The criticism of preachers, in my experience, is still there (you should hear my Mom go on and on and on about church folks) but you're right that criticism of preacher hypocrisy has been long gone from the culture since the CRA and I think that black culture is worse off for it.

jg, III

In general, there is an overall sickness within Christendom of a need to feel and be righteous and in our own self-righteousness and now the hypocrisy has hit such a critical mass to the point of malignancy where there is no cure. Unfortunately, its core is riddled with an incurable self-righteousness and refuses to accept realities and a good hard look in the mirror as the first step towards healing. As a result, it remains incurable and hopelessly malignant.

Honut Sinti

"The cheek of if all."


Rod, thanks for this post. I will forward it to my Nigerian friends.

I read the link to the story. I will call him London/Nigeria's Ted Haggard. At least he confessed.

Eddie Long is still denying it - publicly.

Sad though - especially for the lives he destroyed. I hope he takes his time in jail to rethink his life.

You can be openly gay and still preach.


"The pastor...often told of a dream where he was visited and "touched by an angel."

Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Derrick from Philly


I certainly apologize and never intended to make a blanket statement about all Black preachers (we get caught up in the emotions of the moment and that aint good--especially if one has a big mouth like me).

Dr King was a Black preacher and he had a more important mission than condemning people for their private sex lives. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are Black preachers who do not make cowardly attacks on Gay people. So, yes, there are many examples of Black (and White) preachers who don't make a career out of hurting others with threats of hell and damnation.

Yes, in the emotion of the moment some of us don't stop to think that what comes out of our mouths may be offensive to those we never want to offend--those whom we respect.

But you know, REV, when I made my first excursion out to Philly's Black Gay cruising area in Fairmount Park (we called it "Gay Acres")-- guess who gave me a tour of the woods and assured me there was no danger in staying after dark: you guessed it--a preacher. Bless his whorin' in the woods soul.

DW Jazzlover

As My Grandmothe often said "What is done in the dark will come to the light"
I am happy that these gus are getting caught..

K. Godrey easter

From the viewpoint of remaining contently ex-gay for going on six years and ex-Christian now for going on six months, all Christian leadership needs is to seek understanding and to stop parading around as if they already understand. Instead, Darkness struts its stuff as if its Light, while duped followers stumble about in the day as if it’s night. Meanwhile, the worst state in which anyone could be is fully blind but fully convinced that they see.

A good place to start your journey to spiritually understanding same-gender attraction would be readopposites.com

Remain blessed,


Molesting and 14 yr old and only 8 months ?


There was some positive in this story...the best line: "[A] number of church members challenged Odulele about his behavior and appealed to a bishop of the church without success," reports The Independent.

Unlike in the Long case, there were church members willing to stand against this behavior. They even took action (even if ultimately unsuccessful). I'm sure there are some apologists in his congregation, but the ones who challenged this pastor ought to be proud they stood for those children he molested.


The bible said to watch for false teachers/preachers. The bible never lies. *smh* When will these homophobic preachers and homophobic people in general will ever stop?! I'm pratically am done with all of these homophobic people.

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