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05 April 2011


Honut Sinti

Help me understand. What is the source of his oral fixation? Is it some kind of rubber chew piece?


The complexion and freckles remind me of someone that I dated recently that didn't make the cut. Overall, not bad.


wow, Blake just doesn't do it for me. To each his own.


@ Honut Sinti

It's a mouth guard in his mouth. Most athlete's use them.

I've said before that Blake is not what I call fine, but he has something that keeps your attention. I think he is very well proportioned for a guy his size. He's also a great basketball player and I hope he has continued success.


There is something about that boy...that makes me feel some kind of way.

The other guy

He is so sexy to me, and I cannot figure out why LOL ... I don't even get into lighter guys but he has it going on.

Tom Bardwell

he's so handsome. sigh.


What can I say? I like redheads/redbones who are nicely built, and Blake Griffin's got it.

Ma Griffin

Blake's attraction is based on his power game and aggressive play. And he's packing which even with athletic shorts you can still see his moves on the court. Blessed!

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