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22 April 2011


Nathan James

A settlement, and over Easter weekend, at that! I think the agreement will include lifetime gag orders for all four plaintiffs in return for large sums of cash, and Bishop Long will get right back on his pulpit. He will announce himself "vindicated" by "God's justice", and go right back to condemning gays and lesbians, passing that collection plate around, and living the high life. What lesson has been learned here, and who taught it to whom?

My father once told me, "In America, you can do anything with money." He isn't kidding.


I can't say that I'm surprised at this, but I'm still disappointed. I really, really wish these boys could have held out and took Long's ass to court. I know going to trial is expensive and lengthy, but I think that would have been the only way to really put a dent in Eddie Long and possibly teach him something.

Now, just like the above poster said; nothing will change.

Cedric Bedford-Chalale

I agree with every word Nathan James posted.


Really, couldn't at least one of them right a novel about a Pimp and his armadillo pet--who peculiarly resides atop his cephalic region?

Kevin Perez

Nathan James, you're not kidding about that! Money IS power!


Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money dolla dolla bill yall

And you are fool for 'cast the first deposition'...lol

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