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20 April 2011



What fuckery is this?

They shot this in like 10 minutes .. and took about 10 minutes to edit ... its like they took them around to a wall and said "hey this is what we're gonna do" junior high productions have more production value

that is such a load a crap

Jim J

yeah why do I get the feeling this is more about saving endorsements than anything else.


Wow - the production quality is like...well, non-existent.

The producers of "Khloe and Lamar" probably spend more on coffee on the set in one morning than what went into this.

I'm sure the rest of the Lakers were just thrilled to be co-opted into this. Their enthusiasm and sincerity are overwhelming.


I agree with all of the above comments. The video is really pretty trivial. I doubt if it will affect anyone, and it certainly will not fight homophobia, and that is where the emphasis should have been.

What began all the controversy was Kobe's homophobic comment, and that is where the emphasis should have been, in addition to understanding for all.

I have always thought that anger is like a truth serum. When a person gets angry, you often find out how that person really feels about something. I doubt if we will ever know how Kobe really feels about gays.


note to Kobe: Counseling works


No one involved wanted to do it and really wanted it all to just go away. This shows that sentiment quite well.

The other players were probably like "Look what you got us into Kobe!!! Keep your f*cking mouth shut next time!!!" Hhahahaha!!!


His remarks did not bother me because he was not using the word towards a gay man and trying to demean him. I hear dudes saying the F word when they are mad all the time and it don't have the meaning of hey look at that F..... it's used by gay men too so let's not forget that. I am not making any excuses for him but I think it was blown out of proportion due to the circumstances in which he used it. Yes it was wrong for him to say it on national tv however I didn't feel any HOMOPHOBIC undertones towards a gay male but instead it was out of anger and I say it sometimes when I get pissed. Still not right but there are more pressing things to get us upset like those countries who stone and kill men for being gay. Know that is what pisses me off...not Kobe being angry at a ref!


@Black. "he was not using the words towards a gay man and trying to demean him". He most definitely was trying to demean him. The word f****t is meant to be demeaning with the intent of stripping the target of his manhood. It is a hateful degrading word used to embarrass and disrespect others and whether used in frustration or anger the intent is to offend its target. Within all of his rage and emotional anger Kobe wanted to offend the referee in what he conceived as the worst possible way. If a White player had called Kobe a ni***r in frustration and his apology was “I’m sorry but I got mad” would that be acceptable? And it doesn’t matter whether or not the referee was actually Gay, it is an offensive word meant to hurt...period.


@www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmqzFKMJtO-obkfeQt_pgtUiGtOEIw5ds4 I stand by my comments and your comment regarding a white person calling Kobe a ni*** does not make sense because any man regardless of color can be called the F..... word but only a BLACK man would find the n word offensive due to the history of it being used against black people as a whole. You don't make any sense using that in this context. Like I said, Gay men use the F..... word all the time when they get mad and your right it was out of anger but it was not HOMOPHOBIC because the ref's sexuality was not the reason he used the word period. That is my point!


Black, never try to interject a rational response. You will get slaughtered by the uber gays. I'm sure that last response was from some white queen who monitors this blog to make sure we misguided colored people tow the party line. I was going to stay clear of this topic but hey; it is a slow day at work.


Sorry to disappoint you both but I'm not some uber gay white queen. I am a proud Black gay man. I also believe the word n____r does not have the same connotation or history as the word faggot and neither does the history of the gay movement compare to that of the persecution, violence and dehumanization faced by Black people in this country. Perhaps my analogy was taken wrong I only used it to point out that to rationalize his comments with anger was a weak defense for Kobe. And if a white man called me a n****r and said it was because he was angry he would get the same as beat down as if he had called me a f****t. I've been called both and neither hurts less than the other.

Chitown Kev

Oh, Lord...as soon as I saw Black's comment, I knew it would get started.

Personally, I thought that BLACKS comment was way out of line, I can trace epithets in the way that Bryant used it going back 2500 or so years and in all the variants that I have obsserved it is used to demean the masculinity of the opponent.

I think BLACK argument is pure bullsh*t.

However, far better to bring up the historical usage of variants of "faggot (i,e, the anciet Greel "malakos"? or the Latin "cinadeai...I get the spelling wrong, I know) than to compare it to ni**er.

So BLACK, the use of the f-word by a straight man is ALWAYS homophobic even when it's directed at even another straight man

Greg G

Freeleo and Black:

I disagree. Kobe Bryant most definitely was trying to insult the referee and the comment was homophobic. The fact that the referee was straight is immaterial ... and its really sad that so many in our (black and black gay) community keep grasping at that strawman. Notice that the NBA, Lakers, Kobe, and almost everyone else agrees.

I totally disagree with "Google Accounts", who instantly made an N-word comparison, as so many white gays have. You can make the argument without going there, but many white gays are going there. But I'm sorry, brotha Black was NOT being rational.

It's also really sad that once again, when a high profile straight black celebrity says or does something homophobic, black gays say or do very little and many come out the woodwork to explain, defend and apologize the homophobic. That is exactly whey we get so little respect in the black community ... because straights know that we will never come out and demand our rights like white gays.

And sorry, but if Kobe said a homophobic remark on television before millions to a straight referee ... when he knew people were watching ... you can assume he says worse about gays behind closed doors.

Chitown Kev


That type of word has ALWAYS been used to demean someone's masculinity going back...oh, about 2500 years, at least...it never did matter whether the person was straight or gay.

There's more than a whiff of homophobia to it and really, sexism anytime that it is used.


"You will get slaughtered by the uber gays."

"Uber gays" must be the new phrase for gay men who don't like being insulted, fight for our rights, and don't make excuses for millionaire athletes and celebrities who make homophobic comments.

As Greg, Kev and others mentioned, we are usually in the minority in the black gay community. Which is why our community feels empowered to disrespect us constantly.

Black and Freeleo are on some bullshite. Keep blaming everything on white gays and keep defending Kobe, Chris Brown and every other straight black male celeb who acts like childish.


Happy Easter Dalton! God, I love having a fan.

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