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29 April 2011


Honut Sinti

OK Trump, please come this way. The door to Fool's Paradise is on the right.


Sorry Honut Sinti, but we already have a table reserved for him.

Right this way, Mr. Trump:



Are we done with Donald Trump? And why is he important again?


Despite this man being a complete and utter pig, I'm delighted to see him make such high-profile statements which can only help our great President...especially since he announced on CNN that he would run as a Republican, not an independent.

He complains about China bankrupting our country, but has no clue that Obama's Republican predecessor extended China most-favored-nation trade status TWICE.

He whines about the state of America's infrastructure (investment in which Obama and the Democrats have been touting through ARRA, high-speed rail, etc.), but the Republicans are slashing funding for projects at every opportunity.

He tells America that he's our financial Messiah because of his great personal wealth, conveniently ignoring his history of bankruptcies and brutal management tactics.

Rod -- you hit it on the head. He is truly a trainwreck.

And while a real politician would know when to get out, this bombastic egomaniac will keep plowing down the tracks oblivious to his hypocrisy, ignorance and damage to the Republican Party, not to mention our national image and foreign relations.

And when all is said and done - you can bet he'll still be touting how proud he is of himself for all he has "accomplished."

Former COGIC

@ Brandon:

Trump has two high rated television shows, significant media exposure and is riding a wave of economic dissatisfaction and racism against the president to try to enter the presidential race.

If you don't want to discuss Trump, you don't have to. The post said "TRUMP", tho.


He should be telling all of this crap to the Republicans because he is making Obama's points when it comes to bridges and fixing the country and things that would put folks back to work. Obama has said time and time again that the this country's infrastructure needs major work and that would stimulate the economy while at the same fix all the problems he inherited by the dumb Republicans. Instead of attacking Obama who has and will continue to correct the huge amount of mess that was left for him why not tell his fellow rich counterparts to pay their share of taxes and stop STEALING FROM THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS. He has the nerve to point fingers when his ass file for bankruptcy and have failed business ventures to boot. He is JEALOUS THAT A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT THAT FACT. But Obama is smart and can handle that RACIST so I am very confident and proud of our president. I wonder what Obama could have done if he was left with a balanced budget and a surplus. But even though he was not fortunate enough to follow Bill Clinton but instead he had the misfortune of following a fellow idiot like you trump.


Trump can't be a racist, he'll take anybody's money, right? I'm sure that's what he tells himself.

Given that Trump's wealth is inherited, he has shown himself to be incompetent at handling it, and his only real talent is for being a loud, shameless a-hole, he's pretty much the ideal spokesman for the Republican party. It would be a refreshing dose of honesty.


Trump just fall into a ditch a deep one at that & never come up to the top again.

I tell you we black folks should boycott every trump building in the country. This man does not deserve our support AT ALL!! Stop watching celebrity apprentice (I know its hard though because of the drama surrounding NeNe & Star Jones) but after Sunday don't watch that show ever again.

If he were speaking ill of the Jewish community he would catch all kinds of hell, but somehow the black community is silent & still watching "Celebrity Apprentice". Continuing to fill this jokers pockets.


To anyone who feels that they cannot "tear themselves away" from Celebrity Apprentice or cannot be bothered with a boycott of any kind, I suggest that you watch these two powerful videos and give it more thought:




Trump is indeed playing this game, but it is about to end soon. He doesn'yt want his financial information out, but his 2 to 4 bankrupt cases will be out in the open which will show a number of his mismanagement skills(or lack thereof rather). He never discusses or acknowledges anything the President is doing or has done.
I feel he is also racist because the one season a black person won the apprentice show, he made the black share his position with a white contestant. The black guy turned the position down because of this. Trump had never before nor since made his white winners do this.

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