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26 May 2011


Account Deleted

It's a shame they don't get practitioners of the many multiple Afro-Brazilian religions prevalent in Brazil to counter this. It would be smart and productive only because they don't condemn LGBT and have played a huge role in the spiritual/religious lives many LGBT Brazilians. As usual, Christianity continues to hog the spotlight and glorify itself.

Gustavo Bitencourt

Actually, the justification by the President herself, recorded on video was "I will not allow propaganda of sexual options endorsed by the government" (yes, she said "options"). When asked about what she thought of the videos that would be distributed, she claimed "I didn't see them. I only saw excerpts of one video you guys from the press keep on showing".

It is important to emphasize Dilma Roussef during presidential campaign put up the image of the Human Rights candidate. She stood up for a National Program of Human Rights, which contains several goals concerning de-criminalization of abortion, gay rights, indigenous population, and sustainable planning.

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