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04 May 2011


chris w

It was appropriate for Pres. Obama to extend the invitation and equally appropriate for Bush to decline the invitation.


They just announced on The View that Bush will be in attendance but will remain in the audience and not join Obama onstage, supposedly because he wants Obama to have this moment. Very interesting.


I agree.

I don't want to make a mess of this. The former president is quite appropriate is standing in the background so that the current president is given full and proper credit for this action.

Further, the current president was smart and accurate in the invitation, but it's not a moment for too much grandstanding and such.

I am prayerful as a country that we can find some sense of peace in this moment without also having to dance in death as celebration.

This is NOT the Wizard of Oz and the wicked old witch is not dead. There are many mad-men around the world who don't need to see Americans "glad" that someone is dead. We thought it was appalling when "they" celebrated after 9/11 and SURELY we can not turn around, ESPECIALLY with the 10th "anniversary" of 9/11 this year, and DANCE IN THE STREETS!




I am glad that Obama was classy enough to ask and I am even more happy that bush is not coming because he needs to stay right where he is. He has done enough damage to last us a lifetime so sideline is where he belongs.

Honut Sinti


Aamir Swag

@ TheRevKev. So in agreement with you.
Proverbs 24:17-18
17Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:18Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.


Bush didn't have sh-t to do with Osama being captured and killed so thank you bush for finally doing whats right and sittin yo ass at home.

oh and bush will NOT be in attendance, soulbrotha i saw the view today also and they didn't say that what so ever. u heard it completely wrong.

dave lopes


who do you think set the stage and the policies that kept us safe since september 11...and started the search for Osama???

Why do you think Obama kept the same Bush policies on Guantanamo and the war on terror???

Because Bush was right and once Obama got off the campaigning entertainment stage and became a president, he realized that he had to put his lalaland beliefs aside and join the real world.

This project was set in place by Bush and completed by Obama....that is why Bush was invited.

And Bush did the right thing by declining to prevent the event from becoming a political rally for Obama.


@Dave, are you sure that is what you want to say? or are you now in your own 'lalaland'? Bush launched two wars to search for one man and now Obama is left cleaning up his mess.

Distant Lover

Save that BS for Fox News! Not here where intelligent people have intelligent conversations. Bush and Cheney are war profiteers and keeping Osama Bin Laden alive was good for business. Who cares if the blood of US soldiers and innocent civilians were spilled in the process? Bush used 9/11 to settle a family vendetta against Saddam Hussein and said point blank that Osama Bin Laden wasn't a priority to him. Now these delusional charlatans want to give him the credit for what was clearly President Obama's call. BYTCH PUH-LEEZE! You are not dealing with a bunch of cousin-phucking hillbillies!

dave lopes

@ Brian

The wars were not launched to find Osama. Irak was for regime change and neutralizing a source of terrorism.

Afghanistan was to remove the murderous and terror spreading Taliban regime....which should have been removed even if 9/11 did not happen.

The search for Osama was a special project of its own.

Now you claim Obama is left to clean things up; Then show us ONE departure by the cleaner Obama from the Bush policies on the war on terror or search for Osama......or on the bailout of wall street and other big companies.


You can't....because there was no change. Irak, Afghanistan, osama search, Guantanamo, Patriot's act....all still active under the rule of the cleaner.

Obama despite his election theatrics......simply followed the established plan.

The thing many don't understand is that when it comes to US foreign/security policy.....there is no difference in practice between the two parties.

US politics have become like american idol....where a gullible content populace embraces the best singer/speaker.

It is what politicians want...and it is what big business want....which is fine since america's business IS business.

Did you know that the identity and location of Osama's courier was leaked with the wikileak documents...forcing prompt action before Osam moved again.

Do you have any questions about Pakistan's role...or how the US should react in regards to Pakistan?

It's not a black and white, democrats versus republicans world when it comes to US security.

The goals and practices were set by Bush.....and were followed by Obama.

The brave seals who did the job on the ground are the only heroes.

For a superpower to take 10 years to catch Osama however does not speak well of US intelligence.

Rod Mc

Dave Lopes: Your second and third posts were not deleted. They were NEVER posted and automatically held by Typepad because they were very long and marked as spam.

Accuse me again of "deleting" or "censoring" your comments and you will be banned. -RM

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