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16 May 2011



Bravo to him. Is there something in the air? NBA exec, Don Lemon now Sheridan. I'll check out his music too. Well played young man.


What a week.

Mel Smith

Yes, I agree Osiris: What a week! Much respect to Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Lemon. Yes!


YAY PRIDE!!! June is REALLY going to MEAN something this year with PRIDE!

Thanks for letting me know about Will's music! I love WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE and posted it to my Facebook. Great song.

Thanks R20!


Mr. Lemon, meet Mr. Sheridan. Now there's a couple for ya. Hubba hubba.


Will didn't hide it, so to those of us who know of him...it's no shock. What I'm waiting for is a couple of the major athletes who are/were pretty much "ho's" to finally admit it. It's not necessary to me, but it would be a relief for them. It has to be stressful living such a public double life.

Mikey-He Likes It

Fantastic. Just goes to show you there's so many of us out there in so many different arenas (lol) who have to hide our sexuality for whatever reason. I just hope these recent high profile coming out stories can serve as an inspiration to those similarly conflicted. Sometimes it just takes one. Also what I find so fascinating about Mr Sheridan's story is that none of his teammates flipped out even though he was out to them.


Love that video. What an incredibly catchy record. "Welcome...to the jungle...You're looking...like dinner." Yum! Fab-U-Lous.


Wow. We're coming out of the woodwork today. Ha! Awesome day!


That track of his is like Traxx c.1990.


This is truly amazing. Let us not forgot the vast majority of Black men are not gay and the vast majority of Black gay men are not TV news anchors or celebrated basketball players. Even so, Will and Lemon are very brave, courageous and seemingly wonderful examples for us all. Hat off to them.


They say they come in three's. Kudos to you brother.


Seahawk, don't be hooking up my Lemon with random dudes. He's mine, thanks.

chris w

He is living a whole, integrated and authentic life! I admire his courage.


Here's an article from Barkley saying essentially why all the hub bub...bub?



This dude is hotttt in person, and a great entertainer, he MC'ed a showing at a local art gallery in Newark recently and he was on fire! He had the crowd in a great mood, his music and energy were explosive, and yeah, he was tall eye candy.

Great interview, love his multifacetedness. I can bang a tennis racquet but can't hoop to save my life, Will, teach me baby!

will in nyc

rod: you outdid yourself these last couple of days - there's some hopeful news out there and as usual some hot pix (that brazilian dude is spectacular lol). reading the will sheridan story on espn.com was a real pleasure, just nice all around. not everything was easy, but things are working out nicely for him, a truly inspirational story of teamwork and family. thanks for keeping us informed, rod!


kudos to all who are honest and brave as we must all be!

we have to defy homohaters as visible homos!!!

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