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21 May 2011



Often times, it's the black legislators who support GLBTQ measures. This is why I get so upset at some white gays who always seem to blame blacks for regressive orders (i.e., California Prop). As Claire Huxtable used to say: "Let the record show..."


I was born and raised in Louisiana and am very disappointed but not surprised to hear this. I live in Florida and it's probably not much better here but we have won some of the battles.

DW Jazzlover

I too was born and raised in Louisiana, and I am also disappointed but not surprised...I now live half way around the world from there..and have no rights at all...


I am sure they had their share of anti-gay hate groups working their crap.
I have decided to make the kind of commercials I would like to see next to their lies. I am not happy with the way our side is combating the lies.
Blunt and to the POINT can be found at my blog, Lincolns Wet Paint, http://bjlincoln.blogspot and at lincolnswetpaint at youtube.
I just added you to my list about 2 months ago so I get to read your commentary when things are posted. Thanks for your hard work.

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