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28 May 2011


Account Deleted

What a bunch of freaking animals. Christianity sucks and has little to no credibility with me....Anymore. I cannot stand to listen to folks simplify these case as a example of mere of bad apples "misrepresenting" Christianity. So tiring. The Black Frenchie gets my respect and hope we see similar activism from LGBT of color on the same level like that....Hey, one can be a optimist.

With all the foolishness happening in Africa and the Jamaica, Eastern Europe and Russia deserved to be equally scrutinized. It's a Neo-Nazi Haven over the other side of the world. Totally back-ass backwards.

Tim Lee

Dan has ruffled some feathers from time to time with his in-your-face style, but I love him. I think we always need a few fighters like him with the courage of their convictions.


The Russians are thugs. It's very tragic.

Of course, if this happened in a nation where the people are dark skinned, there would be a riot at Querty, Towleroad and JMG. And of course hundreds of racist comments about how blacks are so homophobic.

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