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23 May 2011



There is some irony in all of this, especially with Noah and Webber.


why so much less than kobe???

is there a melanin tax???



Big E

C Webb was quite articulate and intelligent in his comments. He earned some points with me!


It's so sad that in 2011 words:

N-word to black person from non-black person in hatred, B-word to woman, doing too much or being too much for people who want her in her place and F-word to men, especially when we disagree can all have the same ugly, ignorant, arrogant presence in the world.

It makes my heart and aches my soul that people KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING WHEN THEY HURL THESE WORDS and then continue to play stupid. HATEFULNESS doesn't accidentally or inadvertently leap from your lips--it's in your heart and that kind of energy will eat you from the inside out and that's how karma works. I'm TIRED, as in exhausted, of these pitiful/pity full excuses from TIRED, as in mentally exhausted people, who don't want to take responsibility for their TIRED, as in old and worn-out, lip-lapses, when in the end you are simply ignorant.

I'm TIRED, as in fatigued! No, I'm TIRED, as in mad enough to spit fire and it's enough!

BRB...I need to talk to someone higher than myself!

The other guy

I am just glad they are taking action on this. This, combined with their PSAs that are running during the games will hopefully cut down on some of this. I am tired of the "he was in the heat of the moment" argument. You still have a brain under pressure and you have to use it. I'm happy he got slapped with a fine. He'll think before he opens his mouth going forward.

Account Deleted

I'm not too sure about this guys, I think it's somewhat stupid to continue to fine these guys for their stupidity and ignorance. They're not exempted from criticism but these types of incidents are more than likely to happen from time to time.

It also may give folks an excuse to scapegoat LGBT Blacks as being hyper-sensitive and over emotional when it comes to homophobia and that they're violating these players freedom of speech. No, I don't agree with that but many folks DO make that argument.


@ Kevin Perez;

"LGBT Blacks" didn't fine these players, the NBA did. The NBA has issued a code of conduct, as many sports have, that prohibits the use of this type of language.

Just because someone may twist it as a hypersensitivity issue of a small group of people, doesn't mean the rule should be lifted.

I'm going to take the liberty of assuming you're of latin descent from your screename, I may be wrong. Your argument is tantamount to allowing players to yell n!gger and sp!c on the courts because blacks and latins are too sensitive and emotional. Does that sound good to you? We wouldn't want to violate their freedom of speech right?

Its amazing how the 1st Amendment is abused in this country, let's not forget that it has limitations, and hate speech is not protected under the 1st Amendment. In fact, organizations can be prosecuted for sanctioning hate speech among their employees, bravo to the NBA for NOT putting up with it.

Account Deleted

I don't disagree with you but this could be easily manipulated into "violation of freedom of speech" for right-wring crackpots. There is a bizarre fetish with that particular amendment and they're accusations of over-sensitivity. Logic says not to care what they think but if its get the public to further scrutinize us, you can see why I'm concerned about that.

Account Deleted

Please don't view as I'm trying to make excuses. I'm the LAST person to do that but it just seems these types of cases tend to bring out the hostility of homophobes by claiming we're ruining "good fun" for these players. You'd be shocked the excuses and rationalizations people come up with.

Greg G

Kevin: This is NOT a freedom of speech issue.

Noah can say what he wants, but there are consequences. That is what you and many other people do not understand about the First Amendment.

Joakim Noah was at his job which is playing in the NBA. Noah signed a contract agreeing not to use offensive or demeaning words, like many people are required to do at work. He broke the contract and the NBA fined him. If you called a coworker or a customer a "fagg*t" and were suspended or pay docked, were your rights violated? Of course not. There is no freedom of speech at most workplaces ... especially when millions of people are watching and sponsorships are concerned.

As far as black LGBTs making noise, most of us didn't say anything publicly about this or Kobe Bryant. Instead, many black LGBTs have minimized these incidents, like we usually do when a black celebrity says something homophobic.

Your concern trolling around black LGBTs beng hyper-sensitive was noted, tho.

Greg G

And Kevin it DOES sound like your'e concern trolling and your hyper-criticism of blacks and latinos is beginning to become very suspect.

The NBA made this call. NO conservatives are claiming Noah's "rights" were violated. Only YOU.


I'm sure they'd fine players for using racial/ethnic slurs and people would have no problem with it. The same treatment should be given to the use of homophobic slurs. People can keep using excuses about "heat of the moment" but hate and verbal violence is the same no matter a person's mood.

Account Deleted

Greg G:

Let me clarify that I do not believe this is an issue of freedom of speech but you seem to dismiss the fact in this day and age, any a-hole that says something offensive will have somebody or a group to defend their actions as a First Amendment issue. Politics are so polarized in today's America something like this can be manipulated into something it's not. You're right, no conservatives have spoken about it but that doesn't change that these incidents, again, can easily used by those in power against us. I never made any claim Noah's rights were violated but that they could be perceived as such, whether you like or not.

Your accusations of my so-called "alleged concerned trolling" have come out of no where, really. It is a concerned of mine just because most in this world refuse acknowledge our existence except as a punch line or something to be looked down upon. But I do have to be concerned for my own well being because your typical ignoramus may not know the entire story and will go by their right-wring philosophies and mostly likely assume we're trying to violate somebody's freedom of speech. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE. In this day and age, you don't think that could easily happen?

We live in a society where many people believe that they're right to free expression is without criticism, consequence, disagreement or to be challenged on. Unfortunately you're average soccer mom and Joe Six-Pack aren't aware of that and thus, they could easily blame these issues on LGBT minorities for being overly-sensitive when a homophobic sports player says something bad without ANY KNOWLEDGE. This is so common. THAT WAS the point I was trying to make all along. NBA may have fined them but it won't change the multiple perceptions folks can have on this even with the FACTS stated because at the end, we're still those sensitive homos trying to suppress somebody's freedom of expression. That is a meme that is very prevalent in this day and age.

You make it seem like I'm trying to rationalize his actions when all I've trying to point out all along is that many could view this in a entirely different light and manipulated a 1st Amendment issue. I already said I'm the last to make apologies but you're accusing me of "concerned trolling"?

Sorry man but the negative perceptions of LGBT that come from these typical incidents DO CONCERN me greatly. Like I said, logic says you shouldn't care but it's kind of hard not too. It even makes more cautious and anxious at the same time.


I am glad he was fined. I totally understand he being fined less than Kobe, since Kobe's was against an offical. It was the difference between calling out your co-worker rather than your boss, or supervisor. It would create a breakdown in the structure and regulations of the game, thus becoming a free for all.

I believe the "heat of the moment" should not be an excuse. Assault, be it verbal or physical, is still assault. Call the crowd potato heads or something lame. Why call the person something that demeans a sizable population of the world?


I agree Diva. Fine them all accordingly, until they pause before saying something stupid and hateful.


kevin scares me. he seems to spend a lot of time worrying and wringing his hands about what the oppressors think. if i take his overwrought worriedness to its logical conclusion, then the best thing to do when someone makes a racial or homophobic slur is just to say nothing and bury one's head in the sand with mealy-mouthed hopes that the oppressors won't denigrate you again.

who sits around worrying about what someone says if you defend yourself against discrimination? i guess victims of assault should feel concerned and anxious that their rapists will think ill of them if they press charges against them. black folks should be quaking in their neckties if they bring suit against corporations who discriminate against them.

kevin, dayum, sometimes you've got to grab your nutz and man up. when you're sitting around worrying about some homophobe's negative perception of you, how the hell are you really living?

when fear makes you co-dependent to the oppressor by worrying about their negative perceptions, you have to do a gut check.

i'm going out on a limb here, but there's a certain pattern of how people talk who happen to be gay and who are not out at their jobs and to their family. they're always fearful of this and afraid of that. i have known straight so-called christian brothers who have cheated on their wives and mates for years and they don't display this type of neurotic fear and yet there are gay brothers who always seem to be apologizing for who they are and are always quick to apologize for folks who demean them. this has got to stop.

Account Deleted

Sad thing is you've pretty much summed me up but fortunately, I'm not much of a apologist, though.

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