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02 May 2011



Rod, thanks for staying on top of this story.

There have been few comments today but your coverage of everything (gay bashing, Osama, track) is excellent as always.


Oh my goodness. This is my first time hearing of this. There really are some very sick people in this world.


Ah, so at first he denied it all but now says it looks like he enjoyed it.

Does that Neanderthal inbred understand what a prostate is?

I think they need to sodomize HIM with a baseball bat and see what happens.

Mitchell Wright

I have a question. Why is a 30 year old man having sex with a 17 year old teenager? He is a grown ass man and having sex with a teenager. So much of this would have never been a his door step.

Wanda McCrae

I agree he shouldn't have had sex with a minor, BUT that doesn't justify what was done to him in any way. This didn't happen because he was having sex with a minor. This happened because the thugs are homophobes, extortionists, and assailants.

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