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10 May 2011



What is it with this guy? He's been vehemently anti-gay for decades now! Makes one think there is something more behind this rant than just the values of a misguided Pentecostal minister!

Account Deleted

Doesn't he have a brother that's gay. Oh, just remember that the Latino community can be some of the most vicious homophobes out there. I say this 'cuz often the subject of homophobia is usually discussed in relation to the Black community. Latin America (and Spain/Portugal) gave birth to machismo and its toxic consequences.

Nathan James

Sen. Diaz is on my "watch list"--I'm watching for him to get caught at JFK with a Rentboy in tow. It's gonna happen.


If only he could explain how sgl couples marrying threatens the sanctity of heterosexual marriages. But he can't because it doesn't . What an idiot.

Distant Lover

Marriage has been under attack from philandering husband and wives for milleniums but men and women still get married and divorced at alarming rates. I'm sick of being scapegoated by these closeted, self-hating, religious demagogues. You want to save the sanctity of marriage? Keep your dyck out of other people's holes unless you're married to it!


Well said Distant!!!


Will someone please tell these idiotic myth worshipers that marriage historically has been between men and their property? Women have been considered property for centuries, across cultures. And monogamous marriages were NOT the norm way back when. He should read his own myth book more closely to see the polygamous marriages.

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