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03 May 2011



The 1st pic has a nice azz, wonder if I will run into him at Sizzle this year lol.

waymon c. holt

ummm, i want to see some legs. hate the buff tops and skinny legs

waymon c. holt

...but, that said, the brother in pic #3 on the phone is just to phine...


Where can I get the calendar? I might recognize a few of the sigmas photographed. Who knew the Sigmas had such sexy guys? I thought all the hotties were Kappas or Alphas.

The other guy

Love my fraters ... BLU PHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love a smart plan: BRAVO! Make that money, young brothers, and do so KNOWING that LOTS OF SISTERS AND BROTHERS ARE GOING TO BE CHECKING YOU!

But it's all for the cause, so breathe and Bless it.

Distant Lover

I will be getting my copy! I'll put it right where my City Gym Boys calendar used to be!


Over 20 men and not one has hair on his chest. I'm just tired of all this once feminine shaving and plucking that has now overtaken the performance of masculinity.


@Colin: Tattoos are the new hair. You’re supposed to be content with that.


@the other guy



Get over it Colin. Not everyone loves hairy men, they're just giving the people what they want.

Shade Tea Boops

i love how people are complaining about how these attractive and sexy Black men look in this pic, yet we aren't seeing pics of YOU...

i.e. Colin: you're going hard over tattoos how do you look? Pic? can we judge you?

waymon: skinny legs? how yours lookin, boo? real thick and right or skinny and wrong?

be happy that there is a diversity of black men and blackness and this calendar is a snapshot of it...

don't tear down; celebrate the beauty.




At the risk of being called out as a 'debbie downer', the placement of this piece to follow right after a post on HIV infection and the correlation with young black men's perception of masculinity seems out of sync. The muscular is here being lauded, bordering on the thuggish, which we've just discussed as impacting sexual behavior. Our default setting for laying blame has been the media, which of course this blog is also, but, are we being part of the problem too in terms of those whom we lust after. Ok, OK, I'll shut up but the study on HIV rate kinda hit me and is cause for pause in terms of where these young men are heading.

Greg G

@ Colin: Most guys who are bodybuilders, or who are muscular model types, shave because it better shows off their definition. I'm not sure is that feminization", but it is par for the course. Personally I prefer a little hair but am also apparently in the minority.

@ Brien: It sounds like you have a lot of anger and angst and are projecting it on Rod and the blog.

These young men are college students and in a fraternity. If you look at them and instantly think "muscular" = "thuggish", that sounds like a personal issue.

And Brien, in the past year alone, Rod has traveled around the world reporting on black gay HIV news I can't think of another black gay journalist who does a better job.

As usual, few comments in the serious posts, but whenever there is a post with a shirtless man on this blog, brothas come out the woodwork with pyscho-sexul drama. As Black, Rev Kev and others said, let's appreciate black beauty where we see it. And be happy that we have a first class site that values black men.


@Greg, you got all that from my musings? No point in me trying to tell you that you're way off as far as my intentions go.


It's funny because I didn't think thugs. I thought "look at all these beautiful black men in COLLEGE".We don't get to see that a lot in the media. So thanks Rod for showing us what we don't get to see a lot of in the mainstream media.


Ummmm, okay, I see Phi Beta Sigma in a totally different light now!!! I thought all the hotties were Omega Psi Phi, but DAYUM!!!!!


I need to see a little hair especially at the pubes...


I almost pledged way back when and it was largely because the Sigmas looked better all around. Who'd a thunk it! :)


LOL...the comments are astounding....in some instances! LOL

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