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18 May 2011



So happy that the RAVENS are my team. This is another reason to root for them this year for the SuperBowl. I don't understand why anyone would be against something that does not directly affect them in any way. That's where the question of WHY DO YOU CARE IF GAYS GET MARRIED IF YOUR NOT GOING TO BE MARRYING A GAY PERSON?


Its great to hear Donte take a stand for marriage equality, however I really wish that he would have made these statements when the legislature was trying to pass the Marriage Equality bill. Maybe his comments would have helped to sway the vote.

Hopefully he will continue to speak out when the bill comes up again next year.


I really appreciate his making the connection between the opposition to gay rights, corruption (“under the table ish”), and war mongering.

The three truly do go together, and it not just coincidence.


impressive. There is still a long way to go but every black professional athlete who speaks out evidences a shift in attitude in our community about this issue.

Derrick from Philly

"So happy that the RAVENS are my team. This is another reason to root for them this year for the SuperBowl."

That's all right, BLACK. The Eagles will be the right team to root for after this announcement comes out this summer, "I am Michael Vick, and I am a Black Gay American. I have never harmed a cat in my life. Gay people love cats."


LOL @ Derrick.

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