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17 May 2011



Love this statement, go off Hills. I can appreciate these statements even more now that the successful actions of the administration have more closely mirrored their sentiment.

Thanks Rod for the refresher on Louis Georges-Tin, we have to do our part to ensure that black gay history remains as mainstream history, and not deleted or altered as we've seen so many times before.


Very well stated Hillary, very proud of you and President Obama for not being afraid to talk about the rights of the LGBT community. I hate reading negative stories about another person's fear and ignorance and happy to read this article about combating the discrimination against human beings for being who they are and whom they love. Get over it HOMOPHOBES!!


There was also a nice column in the Jamaica Observer by the US Ambassador to Jamaica in yesterday's paper which carried the same sentiments expressed here. For Jamaica, that's a bold move. Keep the pressure on!

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