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05 May 2011



Just toooo painful! Thanks for keeping us on top of these kinds of news Rod.

Kevin Perez

One measly comment pertaining to something as serious as this? LMAO at Black Unity/Black Power at its current state.


Awful. Hopefully with a task force things will improve.

Derrick from Philly

I think we are all in agreement about the incredible courage of African Gay people. Their bravery is astounding. To be in danger of savage beatings, vicious rape, mutilation and tortured to death just for being what you are.

It reminds me of what Black Americans faced in the decades after Reconstruction when simply being seen at the wrong place and the wrong time could result in something similar happening to them as what happened to brave Ms Nogwaza.


At that same moment one sister was beaten another walked out on a family refusing to allow their own family to be gay and love whomever she or he wanted to love. At that same moment one sister was killed another sister refused to hide her true self, dressed the way she really wanted to and wore that baseball cap, sagging pants and a t-shirt. At that same moment they raped, beat and killed her a crowd like no other will gather in cities across the planet partying in the name of pride and wearing all types of rainbow flag gear because this is the thing to do. This same moment a young person decides to tell someone, open up to someone, go to a place a place that cost the life of that same someone feeling beat down and killed over love...I'll still see you my sister in the eyes that fill those pride events, those hot cities, those same moments.

Honut Sinti

Heart wrenching.

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