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05 May 2011




So here we go again! The SAME little sissy boy who was such easy prey that they could beat him without pause or concern for human life is supposed to be the same one who was so loud and confrontational inside that he provoked him?!

I'm so tired of this kind of HOMOPHOBIA/HOMOHATRED that continues to try to play gay men as both PREDATOR and PREY in the same case!

So he provoked them and just went outside and wanted to be attacked!?

The footage is clearly edited and for the officer to say that he "taunted" one potential suspect sounds like a bullying term as opposed a young man who wouldn't back down or who wasn't silent when he was being verbally attacked.

This madness has got to STOP!

Be careful my brothers!

Derrick from Philly

Amen, RevKev.

Sometimes I responded to Gay slurs with counter insults and slurs...but that was only after I'd been thouroughly humiliated--I had no choice but to respond (in my mind). Still, even if he did respond to their slurs and insults, the violence that insued for this young man was uncalled for and savage and cowardly.

We always forget who the real cowards are, don't we? Is the coward the Gay guy standing by himself or the pack of bloodthirsty beasts gang-- attacking him? Oh, yeah, I know what Mister Fuller went through that early Sunday morning.

I hope Mister Fuller recovers fully. I hope the cowards that attacked him get severe hemorrhoids that they can't explain to their females...or their down-low pieces.


In a state that still flies the confederate flag on state capitol grounds, it is no surprise that this sort of hatred and IGNORE-ance of the past/history still exist in this community. White folks used their religion/Christianity to justify keeping black people as slaves because they were perceived to be different and less than human. And here we are many years later, and now it's blacks hating on gay blacks because they are different.

Have the black community become the "animals" the racist white people claimed us to be when they wanted to keep us as slaves? Are we proving them right with our own discriminatory behaviors and how we are treating one another in our own community?


@The Rev Kev

Absolutely! It's so disgusting that things like this keep occurring! This statement is the truth:

"I'm so tired of this kind of HOMOPHOBIA/HOMOHATRED that continues to try to play gay men as both PREDATOR and PREY in the same case!"

I hope Mr. Fuller makes an excellent recovery. Those idiots who attacked him are so b**ch made and cowards to the fullest.


This is why there needs to be a federal hate crime legislation passed. I can't believe an officer would show up and see him abused and NOT file a police report. Horrible on all levels.

reo langster

I live in spartanburg sc and i live across the street from sidelines i been in this town for 4 years and its sicking those men are the same ones who be on a4a without showing their faces this town is rotting and nobody cares


Cowards!!! I will never understand why anyone who dislikes someone for what they do in their personal lives. I hope justice is served. Hate crimes should be in effect across the United States and in the world as well. Bad thing is the ones doing the bashing be on their stomachs and knees.

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