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15 May 2011


Account Deleted

This must have the homophobes foaming at the mouth!


I'm more excited about Don Lemon of CNN. He just came out in a NY Times interview. Yay!

Dan Collier

Dan Barry, the NBA ... Don Lemon, msm ... this is intriguing. And quite heartening.


This is great!! The Times article is great. This is important for the world of sports. This helps put Kobe's fine and up front office response in perspective. Thanks for this Rod.

Mikey-He Likes It

This and Mr Lemon's coming out, both very proud moments indeed, just makes you wonder exactly how many more gay men/women are out there in similar circumstances who feel they have to hide their sexuality for whatever reasons. Extremely proud of both these men, in particular Mr Lemon, and hope they can be inspirations to other similarly conflicted souls.


Hopefully his coming out can inspire others to follow suit.


Big Time College Basketball Player in Philadelphia Also came OUT! Today
Villanova Will Sheridan

PPH Services

hehe, I bet this freaked a lot of people in the "pro sports" world out

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