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23 May 2011


The Truth



Say what you want about Beyonce`s weave, skin colour, song writing credits (how she ALLEGEDLY steals them), etc. but you cannot deny that she is, bar none, the best performer in the music industry right now.


She is a dynamic performer! There is NO doubt about that! The song is still so so for me, but that performance was certainly EPIC! Go Girl! I still wont download this song though, LOL!!

Sasha Not So Fierce

Humph. Amazing indeed.

Even *I* will give Beyonce her props on this performance.

But the song is still meh! lol


People really liked this performance? It seems rehashed; like we've seen it before. We've seen her perform with a legion of dancers behind her. We've seen the CGI-interaction a la Janet Jackson in her Feedback video. And the choreography in this performance was rather subpar for what I've come to expect from Beyonce.

For the record, I am usually entertained by her performances, but this song and this performance left me wanting...


ROFL @ Sasha.

Oh and you're slipping, Rod. Two Bey stories in one week? You usually run only one Beyonce story every 6 months or so.

Hate the song, meh on the video, but love Bey's hustle and the performance was amazing~!


She is a Beast! A true star, with an unparalleled work ethic. Amazing! (And I'm not even a huge fan.)


meh... lots of money spent


Beyonce is so very TIRED! Which image? which idea? which dance move? which costume? which honey hair wave implant? which hair sling? WHICH WAS THE CLONE? This Beyonce chick has not an original idea - unf her camp allows her to believe (I dare not say she actually thinks) she does. PLEASE GO AWAY B!


She's a hard working woman!!! Pink set a new standard with her "Glitter In The Air" grammy performance. Everyone else had to come hard after that. B is doing her thang. I will always give her props because she is never lazy on stage, and always gives her all. Her music and other techincal aspects are somewhat interchangable, but she rarely fails to give her all in live performances.

Distant Lover

@C.J. I agree. This is a rehashed CGI knockoff of Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us" that was never realized for his "This Is It' tour. I give her props for imitating a master, but she gets a D minus as far as originality goes.


I was MUCH IMPRESSED by the Oprah performance today! It made the song POP and made Beyonce look like a much stronger performance than this.

For the record, I find the Billboard Awards filled with rehashing and stale performances and Britney's weirdly sad, walking-dead performance was so canned that I think Beyonce is BRILLIANT in comparison!

But Beyonce's tribute to Oprah, which I believe happened BEFORE this was really the BEST OF HER and I hope that people saw it! FIYAH.

This...ehhhh. But we 9/4 babies know how to do our thing and I do appreciate her using the twin dancers from France, though I wish they had been BIGGER and more visible.


P.S., Rod, TV producer to TV producer, you ALWAYS get the FIYAH visual grabs. I have seen a few "photos" from Beyonce's performance and they are sad xeroxes compared to your WOW visuals! BAM.



Yes Rev Kev I agree. Blog-wise, Rod does rule the world :-)

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