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10 May 2011


Tom Bardwell

he's so pretty. GAH!!!!!!!!!


Pretty face, thought his body would be little better. Still a cute face.



Distant Lover

@Antonio. Give the baby time, he still developing. I remember there was another light skinned brutha who was doing gymnastics back in the 80's, (yes, I'm an old bytch!) I don't know his last name but his first name was Charlie and his body left all of them other scrawny chickens in the dust! (If anybody else 'memba what who I'm talking about, please give his last name and number!) As for Mr. Louis, baby definitely got potentiality!


He's even more beautiful when he speaks.. Damn!


The Black gymnast from the 80s was Charles Lakes.

And for those of you who think Louis isn't giving enough body, check out Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons who won the NCAA all-around title for University of Oklahoma in 2007.

The facial expression and body position in the photo are just perfect:



Antonio: And you look like?
Your body fat percentage is ... ?

This thread is hilarious. Obviously Antonio & Co. know very little of professional bodybuilding and gymnastics. This is OFF season when they are a little less defined. Look at Lou's competition pics and that's how he will look later this summer if not better.

Kenneth: Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons looks fan-freaking-tastic. He has very large biceps and is ripped ... but he is only 5'6 or 5'7 and those are close-up pics. Short boys with large muscles always look HUGE in photos. (See any porn movie or bodybuilding competition.) Compared to someone 6' and average or even slightly muscular build, not so much.

I love Lou and all the Euro black boys on this blog. Keep it up ciao bello!

Rico en Italia


Talarico...anytime you want to see my body, I can always hit u up with a pic.


My head turned all the way around.
@Antonio, I'll take that pic. Lol.


He is BEAUTIFUL...and would love to see and hear him in person!!!!

Distant Lover

@ Kenneth, thanks for Charlie's last name and thank you for the link to Taqiy Abdullah-Simmons! GOOD LAWD! To quote Salt from Salt N Pepa, "He give me nice dreams, he makes me wanna scream!"

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