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17 May 2011



Awwww he should have won and the 1st tall guy should have been second IMO...lol. Nice Brazilian eye candy!!

Account Deleted

Yummy! I love me some Brazilian/Latino eye candy!


Love this guy! Him and the guy that won were my faves in the competition.


I always found Allender very attractive but it does not surprise me at all that he did not win because it is well known that in Brazilian pageants always the whites and blondes win. I even saw a documentary on the topic about a football beauty pageant in some other brazilian state where most contestants and organisers that were native indian or black complain about it.

Account Deleted

Ramirez is from Northeastern Brazil so you may something there but tt's pretty hard to tell if Lucas Malvacini is Brazilian of European ancestry to begin with. Miscegenation has a long history in Brazil and the terms like "White", "Black" and "Blonde" aren't going to accurately describe anybody. However, I wouldn't say that it isn't common in some states. Native Americans and those of Black ancestry (as in those direct descendants of slaves) suffer from a lot under-representation, media wise. The fashion industry is huge example of this. Hell, they can't even get models of the Portuguese, Italian, Spanish variety that they always seemingly depend on German ones. Brazil is one of those countries where racial disparities are so blunt and probably more evident. 190 million people and they depend on superficial and stereotypical ideals of beauty of a small minority group. Some of which are totally unrealistic representations of a multi-ethnic country.

The cutie representing the Federal District looks like he has Native American or Japanese ancestry and Miss Brazil of 2010 looks like the typical Brazilian, of mixed ancestry. Women get it just as bad too.

Account Deleted

Just to let you guys know Ramirez is from on island near Salvador da Bahia and the winner comes from a small town in Rio.

Rick B B

Yeah, whatever. The white guy won, but he is hot too, so its okay. Although Ramirez was my other favourite in the competition.

Rick B B

Regardless of whether or not someone is 'white' or 'mixed' they are simply going to be judged by appearance.

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