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05 June 2011



Wow. 30 years and AIDS has decimated our community. And as usual, crickets in comments.

Unfortunately, there are no comments but that is par for the course. Unless it is a story about porn and HIV, the community just isn't interested.

Rod, thanks so much for the writeup. I'm sure it wasn't easy to put together. You've done some excellent work on HIV at the blog, reporting and traveling around the world.

Derrick from Philly

Rod, I second Tyler's "thank you". You really care. Thank you.


It really saddens me to see that so many of us still don't know our status.


Wow! Excellent reporting. Over the past weekend I watched a ton of BET and TVONE - both Black oriented cable networks with greater freedom for programming since both are cable networks. There was NO LGBT anything in sight. Thus anything this gay segment of the population is known for such as HIV/AIDS (which we all known by now is not a LGBT issue exclusively), nevertheless is out of sight in Black programming, movies or images.

Who sleeps for 30 years? Time to wake up Sleeping Ignorant.

Rod Mc

Thanks so much for the kind words. Very much appreciated. :)

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