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26 June 2011



I wish these Repubs would just be honest and say that they believe in states rights only when the state is conservative and would impose laws that they agree with. I don't understand someone who has a gay sister being so anti gay.


Rick Perry wants the government out of people's lives. So he vetoed a law that would ban texting and driving in Texas.

At the same time, he strongly supported a government-infringing bill that requires Texas women to have a sonogram before getting an abortion.

They want it both ways. It's a farce to say Republicans want states rights or less government. They just want what they want and will use any pretense possible to get it


what is the jump?


They the republicans are such hypocrites and think they can dictate how others live. She is a fool and I am glad she is flip flopping right now. Who ever tries to stand in the way of progress will always lose in the end. I can't stand her crazy azz!!


"Apparent contradiction" is her middle name.

I suggest everyone read this weekend's LA Times article on her taking federal farm subsidies and employee training funds from the Stimulus despite her railing on Obama's socialist! gangster! government!

No wonder the loon is the Minnesota state bird.


She's a vile trollop.

Account Deleted

And the circus continues! You go working, girl!

Dan Collier

On CBS yesterday morning, she said it was each state's right to doi as NY has done. Then, on FOX, late the same day, she says exactly the opposite.

A frightening woman.


I like her better as a witch.


PLEASE PLEASE let her win the Republican nomination....President Obama will eat her for lunch in a debate!

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