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09 June 2011



It's that kind of messaging that we need more of. Good for him! I'm even a bigger fan now. :-)

Chris Cruz



It is so clear and so real that WE, the African Diaspora, are rich(er) for our abilities to see beyond seeing. Boris Kodjoe came from outside of the oft-times restricted Black American thinking from another land, found success, a beautiful African-American, is building a beautiful family AND is still strong enough, clear enough and yes, man enough to STEP OUT on a subject and be declarative about his support. BRAVO!

I'm hopeful and hope-filled that others will stand up and stand out and be willing to say THE LIES AND THE PERSECUTING ARE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE AND BLACK FAMILIES! This isn't just about "US" over here and "THEM" over there. Without the creative and caring force of nature that is Black Gay Men and the powerful and purposeful energy that is Black Lesbians and the audacious presence of Black Transgenders and the dare to love who I love as I love clarity of Black Bisexuals, the Black community would wallow in a second-class citizenry of simply trying to assimilate instead of learning to incorporate and appreciate OURSELVES for the rich, vital, vibrant, brilliant, creative, sexy, sensual, intelligent, articulate, poignant, insightful, delightful, ferocious and simply fabulous that we are and we created to be! Now, let's go start a Renaissance and stop trying to prove that deserve to BE. God breathes breath into us and until I stop breathing, I'm going to ride life like a roller coaster and SCREAM ALONG THE WAY--"I'M BLACK GAY AND I'M PROUD!" I am because I am!

Thanks for the support, Boris!


Could he be any more perfect?



I knew I was rooting for his show to stay on the air...now I know the reason why now. Not because he is handsome and bright but because he sees love. Not hate but love and understanding! Thanks Boris! I wish you and Nicole and the kids much much love and success! Ditto TheRevKev!


Rev Kev makes some excellent points. Boris did not grow up in America. He is similar to President Obama in that he does not have a lot of the "baggage" of being a black American.

Brilliant words, Boris. Thank you!


He is so right and I agree with Boris 100% I will never understand why folks can't get past this GAY issue and live the lives that are presented to them. I don't care what other folks do in their bedroom so why do they care what I do in mine. It's just a waste of energy to sprue hate towards something you claim your not. This is 2011 please move on.

Mel Smith

That's just awesome.


Well, Boris grew up in Europe...it's not like all blacks outside the US are enlightened on the gay issue...i.e. many African countries and Jamaica.

But anyway, good for him, and hell on that horrible Roland Martin


DFS: Speaking as an Afro-Italian, I can assure you there are MAJOR cultural difference on gay issues that separate Blacks in Europe from those in Africa, the Caribbean and even America. Furthermore, there are more cultrural differences that separate recent Black immigrants to Europe vs many native born persons, ie Nigerian immigrants to Sweden may be more conservative than native Afro-Swedes.

It's quite insulting that you would generalize in such a manner. How can you compare Blacks in "many African countries" with those native born or living in Germany, Britain, Sweden or Italy? If anything, many of us think that many Black American attitudes are much more comparable to a Caribbean "island" mentality.

Many props to Rev Kev, btw. Rod has provided excellent coverage on LGBT across the African Diaspora. To bad many Black Americans are reluctant to accept/understand that Black comes in many shades, hues and experiences.

Derrick from Philly


I've had to read DFS's comment about 11 times to find out where it could have been insulting.
I read his comment as a statement against generalizations.

We're having a heat wave on the East Coast... my employer allows this building to have terrible air conditioning (cheap azz motha' f.cka). PLease let's be nice to each other today.


Talarico, not really sure what your beef is since we seem to be saying the same thing. I was pointing out the difference beween blacks in African countries with those elsewhere. And I agree that the Black American mentality is closer to the Caribbean island mentality


I applaud Boris' tweets and his courage in getting involved. Now, if someone will kindly explain to him that being gay is not a friggin' "lifestyle" choice. Being a swinger is a lifestyle choice, as is being a jogger or a spring ski bunny, or a Fiji scuba nut, or being a BBQ cookoff habitué.


This man is awesome!


Common sense rolling off the tongue (via Twitter) is so sexy on him.


well said B.Kodjo

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