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09 June 2011



File for divorce Vanessa and bring this creep down. We are all pulling for you.


You go girl! Enough is enough!


now he'll have plenty of time to bring the boyz over..lol!


Vanessa, he's making a FOOL out of you, girl. Who honestly wants to be tied down to a hypocritical liar and share the same bed much less a home with? If his marriage fails, the church will soon follow. A single black down low preacher who loves muscle shirts isn't going to keep his congregation much longer.


Will she divorce him or seek marriage counseling? Will she write a book, do an interview, maybe by Oprah on OWN. Did she know anything about Eddie and boys and when did she know it? Is there more dirt on Eddie she knows about? Will she keep her mouth shut like a good First Lady? These questions and many more may be asked, only time will tell, should be interesting!


How long before Creflo condemns her for not being a "Proverbs 31 Woman?" Any bets?


I don't know Ms Long's views on marriage equality but if she is one who believes in the "sanctity of marriage" then she must "protect marriage" and not divorce. All those marriage vows made in front of God and man:"What God has brought together,let no man put asunder", "until death do us part", "in sickness and in health","for richer or for poorer". If they divorce I would like to see what effect that has on the black churches. Interesting.

Honut Sinti

Do they have children? If yes, I wonder how they are coping and what they think?


No one who has been married and supportive to such a man for so long could be very honorable herself. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t at least deserve some cell phone photos that weren’t also shared with half the senior boys at Lithonia High.

Black Gay Dude

Maybe this is why she is leaving. If he settled with the boys for over 25 million, she probably feels foolish to stay. She has suffered enough. Check this article out about some of the terms of the settlement!


Steve A. Williams

Sadly these sources were not leaking information about Long when he was out and about club hopping and what not.

In this age where portable phones are also cameras and everyone is tweeting, that no one felt the need to out this man from the get go is pretty disappointing.

We could have gotten rid of Long a while ago if only more of us used our balls as much for our socio-political good as we might for other reasons.

Shame on those who knew something before these four brothers stepped up and did not say something.


Actually, Steve A., they were on it. I remember hearing about a post made on a messageboard over 4 years ago on a certain site that shall remain nameless about Eddie Long. One of the site's members posted about a flight he was on that was incoming to the US where he saw Eddie Long with a young man's head resting on his lap. The passenger thought that was inappropriate but someone explained to him that the guy was likely one of Eddie's "spiritual sons."

Now I don't associate with that site but I made an account to confirm the story and yeah, the post was there. Trust me, they were on it, lol.



Mike Fourth

Osiris is talking about BCGLive.com.


Yuck, Mike Fourth.


In answer to the question about if Eddie has any children, he has 4 boys. Also,gay rumors on Eddie have been floating around for years, there are other closeted preachers here in Atlanta who know about Eddie. Eddie's been with a number of young men outside of these four but like most folk who slept with a minister, kept the married preacher on the down low. He's been outed before but nothing ever stuck until now.

On another note, I had a former married coworker who was in a mentally abusive relationship she couldn't get out of because of scriptures read to her by her minister. It wasn't until she went to a friend's church and spoke privately to that preacher and gotten a fuller understanding of those scripture and further enlightenment with additional scriptures she got her divorce. Those scriptures showed her where she could leave without violating God's will.


Why do people really think God would rely on only MEN to interpret his word and create the bible, Koran, etc. to eternalize that message? God's magnificence trascends not only the church and its flock but the entire universe. Civilizations are fallible in structure by insisting that a Pharaoh(King)High Priest, or whomever as dominion over spirituality--this has been one of the biggest cons of the ruling class since the earliest of civilizations.


I hope she leaves him!

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