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13 June 2011



Damn shame.


And they wonder why no one trusts the police...

Account Deleted

Imagine a victim of similar crime being gay and a Black male. A statistic at best....And the prep would've gotten of more easily.


Is the family suing for Billions - the only thing people of America truly value? What is up with the white (Juror) people in California?



Most whites love the police and think they can do no wrong. That's why when cases like this come up they will defend the pigs to no end no matter what they do. It's disgusting. The police are not here to protect us; they are here to protect property and the powerful. It all makes sense once you see it that way.


His release is absolutely disgusting...a damn shame doesn't even begin to describe this atrocity.

Donny D.

Noticed that the trial took place in L.A. What, were they not able to find a rabidly pro-cop jury anywhere in Northern California?? Anyway, looks like Mehserle indeed got a jury of HIS peers.

The BART police seem to have problems a lot more than you'd expect given that they can't be a very big force. They seem to combine the racism typical of an East Bay police department with some additional management problems.


This was one of the worst cases ever. More than not knowing your gun from your taser, why do you need to tase a handcuffed man lying on the floor for anyway? It was so disgusting - and caught on cameraphones that the police tried to confiscate, but the truth got out. Unfortunately justice has not been served. I've never been one to wish ill on people, or rely much on God for judgement, but somewhere in the future a tree is gonna fall on this killer, or maybe he'll mistake a cliff for a hill and drive off it.


A great injustice, just like the Amadou Diallo shooting death, and Sean Bell.

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