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09 June 2011



He don't do it for me, anymore.



James M

He still looks incredible for his age! I love this man!!

Derrick from Philly

Yes, James M. Fantastic for forty-one. And not really in the closet...well, in terms of not pretending to be so hot for women anymore. I guess he's from the Johnny Mathis School of Gay celebrities.


He is so sexy and who cares if he is gay or not. Let the man do him. Like with Ricky Martin, if and when he comes out it's his business. When he starts gay bashing to cover up something is when it is a problem for me. But I like to look at him regardless so thanks for the pics Rod!!

Miss Behavin'

Shemar told all the children I'M NOT GAY ....and then he sashayed to the bar a few weeks later. Terrell Carter style! HELLO!


I know he is gay because we use to be friends before he was famous but now he don't talk to me. But he at the least he might be bi. Which is funny because he has been with boys...


He really looks good and *gasp* I think he actually does a good job on Criminal Minds.


He's still got it!! And I hope he never loses it!


He works hard on that body but he is very blessed. All the best for him


The man is SEXY. He looks great for his age. I like that he can go to the beach without an entourage and just chill. The man can pass for 32-35 years old easily.


Umm...is that a tramp stamp that I see?



Wow he is 41 y/o? He looks great. Shemar Moore in those International Male catalogs and Larenz Tate were my 1st boy crushes, so I guess those two will always look good to me.

DW Jazzlover

Did Someone say International Male !? The Man is beautiful and what does his age have to do with the price of tea in China..Not my type but beautiful none the less.More power to the brother, and may he find/have happiness.
Much Love Bro's


WOW! Shemar Moore is forty-one? Shame on him for looking great "for his age" as if 40 has a look these days! Shame on him for having a life at all but bravo to him for being able to pass for 32 "easily." That's all that really matters!

Mark N.

This kind of man will be 88 and HOT!



haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :)

Distant Lover

Shemar was born the same year I was! Damn! That was a good year!
Shemar, boy, keep doing you with yo phyne self!!!


he looks good for his age? is that the same as he looks good for a coloured guy?

left-handed compliments are so passe'. if someone looks good, just give them their props and let it be. the man is gorgeous and unless he's personally offended someone or disrespected someone, i don't see why he can't be complimented on the fact that he takes extreme care of himself.

there are dudes decades younger than he is who do not look 1/10 as good. being a certain age doesn't automatically make you attractive or unattractive.


beautiful bro - inside and out!




Does he really retreat solo? Funny how that oil got on his lower back......


So he didn't do Sizzle? Hmmmmmm

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