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29 June 2011



Dead men tell no tales. Of course no witnesses are available, thats what makes this easy for Esposito to get off! I don't pretend to know the psyche & personnae of men who frequent parks for such encounters but I can imagine its the closet sort mostly. I can't imagine this young man becoming enraged & violent when caught. Thats a new one. Am I the only one who finds this just a bit fishy?


Greg, you are not the only one for whom this sounds fishy, and much more than "a bit." This officer is lying, but sadly, he walks.


I concur. If there is no one to counter the story the man that lived siad, "Dead men tell no tells". The guys are sometimes closeted. But even the openly gay guys that go to the park for sex don't want to be caught up in a trial and have to explain why they were there in the park. They would go to jail as soon as the trial they testified for ended.
The officer knows this and could have even said this to guys who may have come forward oe were seen at the park. This officer sounds so low and dirty, that everyone involved knows something is up. But the justice system can only do some much when it only has evidence for one side. Especially one side that can say anything.

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