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06 June 2011



amazing how he went from being one of the most liked to despised in 1 year. Lots of people rooting against him after how he treated Cleveland


One word...ugly...I know I am being shallow...


What do you mean how he treated Cleveland? He left when his contract was up, what more did they want from him to carry that loosing team 4 life? He needed to be with players that excelled like him


He prolly got it, but it don't jump out at me!! "to each his own"


It don't have to jump at you but it surely jumps out at me.That is a hunk of a man there and yes I am rooting for him to win the title this year.I also agree with Jacob's take on the Cleveland situation.


i, and many people, felt the way he left Cleveland via his "The Decision" on ESPN was tacky. Sorta like breaking up via text. That's the main reason 63% of people who voted want Dallas to win. Maybe they are just haters....

The gaudy coming out party in Miami with Wade and Bosh didnt help.

If he has to ride D-Wade's tails to get a championship, then more power to him.


LeBron is Robin to Dwayne Wade's Batman! Miami is NOT LeBrons team! I think LeBron is arrogant! I'll never forget how he treated that ball boy. I truly hope The Mavericks pull it together and take the Championship. I'm NOT from Cleveland and have NEVER like LeBron! Is he talented? Absolutely! But that doesn't mean I have to like him!


I cannot stand the self-anointed King, but I love those shoes. lol And I know he is a great b ball player.

He had every right to leave Cleveland. This is a business, and the owners have no loyalty to the players. The players have every right to look out for their future. But he was a complete ass in the way he did it. What a diva and prima donna to boot. lol

I hope Miami wins it all, even though my favorite team is the Lakers and Kobe my favorite player.


Lebron did more for the Caveliers than their owner ever will. He got them to the Eastern Conference playoffs twice and into the NBA. He didn't quit half way through his contract like Sarah Palin. "The Decision" show raised 2 million for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

If in your professional life were able to choose where you work, who you work with, and how much you're getting paid, you would go for it without thinking, and I don't care if you're a trash man or an NBA star.
LeBron was a nice catch for Miami, a good addition to Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem.

People in Cleveland, where the unemployment rate is 13% (and even higher for people of color) should worry about that. It seems they are too fixating on one professional man who made a good choice for himself and his family.

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