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29 June 2011



This President has done more to achieve gay rights than any other president in U.S. history, alot of the white blogs like jmg or towleroad are so quick to throw this president under the bus and say well if he won't let me marry than i won't support him, fine don't support him and lets see what President Palin has in store for us. See if you will continue having lgbt pride night at The White House. Last Christmas Michelle Obama had some sort of transexual pride ornament on the white house christmas tree. If thats not showing gay pride spirit than i don't know what is. The president is playing a game of politics right now and i totally believe he wants gay marriage just as bad as me if not more. I love my president and i know his 2nd term we'll see him come out for a federal gay marriage law pass and we'll finally get equality!


@Larry...you said it all and I agree with you sir. I love our president as well and I applaud him for keeping his promises and telling the crowd he knows they will let him know when he does not and that they are not a shy group. I am just happy that he opens the White House to our community and greet them as fellow Americans first and LGBT folks second. He get beat up by everybody all the time but he still does the right thing anyway. I will be voting for him in 2012 because the GOP will try and undo everything this President has done for this country that many of REPUBlicans enjoy as well.


we need more than a dl frenemy/blackish bush clone...




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