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29 June 2011



I'm trying really hard to focus on this brother's run in with the law, but my mind keeps drifting to his tiny waist and I find myself wondering if there is any significance to the number 11 on his back?...lol


happened to Darnell Dockett too. he got one on the cops though


I dont get FREELEO's "11" comment but I'll keep thinking about it while I stare at the 2nd picture


I cosign Freeleo...between the waist, the muscular back, broad shoulders and that ass, I am mesmerized...I love rugby, I only wish it was more popular in the states.


I agree with you both as well lol. He and his fellow sportmans are a sexy bunch I tell you. The chest, legs, booties etc. are all just breathtaking. Now the official part of this story is tragic if the racial profiling is being done on him which I would not be surprised being a BLACK MAN in this world. Prayers goes out to this sexy brother.


What was the story about again?

Holy Freaking God! That man doesn't have a bad side.

Liberator Émigré Éire

This story is actually about a rich jerk-off bitching about having to do something he doesn't want/like. As he says, "I’m furious. Wasting my time."

Anyway, happy endings for him - the spoiled crybaby had his PR people call the police PR people, who realised what an important celebrity is.

Great Britain: It's who you are and how much you've got that counts!


England is terrible for this. Happens ALL the time.

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