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04 June 2011



Why do we ("gay community") continue to call these queers who only come out because they are blackmailed, scandalized, rejuvenating a career or have a book to sell brave and courageous?

It is not right. We need to, have to and must support the wonderful, courageous and indeed brave men and women and truly the youngsters who are living and surviving "out" successfully without political, celebrity or wealthy status.

As Taylor's mother said, "Why didn't you tell me sooner!?" The sooner this happens, the quicker we all can put all of this ridiculousness in the rearview mirror and move forward to real issues. Being in or out, closeted or DL is so very 1980s. Let's move on gay people!


Being closeted is often tied to safety (physical, emotional, or otherwise) for many people.

Kudos to those who come out on their own terms , but not everyone has the privilege of being out as they may want to be. Everyone has their own journey and comes out in their own time.

I'm happy that Taylor's coming out story had a fortunate outcome.


i still don't understand how you are living an authentic life if you are buried in the closet.

i would think it would make someone physically and emotionally ill to pretend to be something that they are not.

people accept what you project. if you project that you hate yourself because you are gay or lesbian, others will pick up on that.

donald trump is a creep, but he has his admirers because he projects that he is worthy of being admired. what donald trump doesn't do is go around and apologize for being alive and being who he is; which is truly nothing to brag about.

black gay men especially always seems like they are meekly asking someone else for permission to be themselves. when you ask someone else for permission, you are giving them the opportunity to deny and usurp your power.

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