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21 June 2011


Mel Smith

I accept his apology.


Ditto. Moving on...

Account Deleted

Blah, whatever. What's been done is done.

The other guy

Apologies like this are meaningless. He has been making anti-gay remarks for years. For once, I would like to see one of these fools stand by what they say. Even if I don't like a man's view, I can respect him when he owns it. I hate this sort of thing. He is not sorry for what he said, he is sorry he got sucked into the fallout.


So, wait, Tracy is not the same person he was three weeks ago, before his career hit the fan? What changed? How do your values (or lack of) do a 180 in the span of a few weeks?

Account Deleted

Doesn't matter, folks would rationalize his actions still even with the half-assed apologies. I think it's best to let go and hope the next person really does own up to their bigotry.


The question is....did he truly believe the hateful "comedy" routine he gave 3 weeks ago. Or did he just say it to get laughs?

If it's the former, then likely nothing has changed for him.

If it's the latter, then it's possible his eyes have been opened to how crass and hateful his routine is/was. He can apologize through actions and words and find new material.


People are capable of change. I accept his apology.

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