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18 June 2011



well, he's trying. it could be genuine or he just trying to save his career. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt so far



I was having a moment of thought that sounded JUST LIKE THAT but given the way that Weiner drug us through the mud for weeks before fessing up, I really do respect that at least Morgan's response to his own foolishness has been swift AND public. I am trying to unwrap my brain around what he said and listen to his heart, which is BOTH trying to save his job, but more importantly, I think, his NYC reputation, which according to Tina Fey and the staff over at 30 ROCK, includes a life that is supported by lots of LGBT folks!


DeVon Thomas

At first, I was like why even apologize because you had a come to Jesus moment with your boss, and they broke him down...but after observing what he has done since he apologized..that is what sets Tracy Morgan away from the others who say homophobic remarks and comments..I believe this has actually changed him.

C. McCall

I agree De Van. Of all the African American celebrities that have gone on homophobic rants and then later made public apologies (i.e. Kobe Bryant), Tracy Morgan is one of the rare ones that has taken it a step further than just simply doing a PSA on "offensive and derogatory remarks, aimed at others". He has put himself in the personal space of those he hurt and is attempting to understand why what he said was so damaging. Very good damage control. I too hope this is from his heart...


He TOTALLY looks like he isn't interested in being there. I think we should stop forcing him to pay for something that he won't change.

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