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14 June 2011



So he's putting a band-aid on the whole thing? I guess I'll take it.


And you know what, the white gay power structure won't leave him alone even if he gives blood to prove he's sorry.

But Ken Mehlman, 8 years of actively destroying homosexuals is instantly forgiven.


"But Ken Mehlman, 8 years of actively destroying homosexuals is instantly forgiven."

Synnerman, I'll be the first to point out hypocrisy in the white gay community but I cannot agree with you here. I've seen the issue of forgiveness discussed and contemplated, but most have rejected Mehlman and he remains a pariah for the most part.

Account Deleted

These types of incidents are easily manipulated as a validation for racism and homophobia altogether. Some folks, in all honesty, genuinely do not care. They see it as an invitation to say whatever vile thing is on their mind and what they really feel. I don't care for Morgan's apology any more than other celebrities equally half-assed apologies. Scary thing is what he said really didn't bother me, as shocking as that sounds.

Jill Scott's guest column on the subject of interracial relationships or something in Essence Magazine or Ebony (I think) lead to some backlash and despite the fact there were Black people (women especially) who did not share her POV on said subject, some which disagreed with her vehemently, didn't stop the hurling of the N word or nasty, bigoted statements from online commentators seeing it as an excuse to say the most nasty thing one can think of. Again, even with BLACK commentators who did share her opinion on the piece, that type of crap was posted.....By random, anonymous folks through Facebook.

I think it became pretty clear for me how the actions and words of an individual from a unpopular minority group is always manipulated to make same said person the representation. Morgan is still a prick for me but it's one of those "Yeah, he's an ass but whatever" things for me.

LMAO at Roland Martin.....A testimony some folks need to make themselves an ambassador of an entire group of people.


He should have said that at the end of his rant to put a spin on his non-funny statements. I don't watch his 30 Rock show and really don't follow his career but if all that he stated above is how he really felt I am confused as to why the jokes were so mean spirited and hateful and Homophobic in the first place.

Derrick from Philly

I still can't get over that one line he used, "I'd stab the little n.gger to death."

Maybe I don't understand today's contemporary "urban" humor. To me there is no way that line can be funny. Unfortunately, nowadays I have heard grown people curse a child and say, "I'll f..k you up"--and that's bad enough...but "I'd stab the little n.gger to death?"

Horrible. Oh, well, another incident to help the White supremacists reaffirm their feeling of superiority. They love this kinda' stuff.


I certainly do not agree with anything Tracy said and I found his little rant incredibly vile and inexcusable. His apology isn't that inspiring, though I'll give him a B- for trying. That being said..he does not deserve all the racist backlash that came afterwards. Those pigs hurling insults are worse than the man they're trying to belittle...pathetic hypocrites at best! Incidents like this (when a person of color says something highly unfavorable)...the racist scumbag inside always seems to come out. It perfectly fine to call out Tracy for his appalling tirade...but leave that racist bulls**t in the trash.


Tracy Morgan is a non mothafuckin factor in my life! LOL!


I'm guessing he doesnt really believe the hate he spouted, but said it because he thought it would be funny. On par with his 30 Rock character.

It wasnt funny, just hateful, and the GLBT community got him right


@Synnerman: You really need to stop. This isn't about white, though I know the white racists are having field day. You can also check out some of the black sights on this topic if you want to see how much 'love' our people have for us.

This is about a straight, black man telling the most vile 'jokes' possible. Really, this was more like a tirade from your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving than a comedy performance. There wasn't even an attempt at a joke in there. And, now he's apologizing. Please! I wish organizations (gay, black, feminist, muslim, jewish, etc.) would stop demanding apologies from bigots. They meant every word they said and I'd rather see my enemies laid bare than hiding in plain sight.


aaaaaaaaaaaamen. apologizing for racist or homophobic remarks does not cleanse the pockmarked soul that spouted them.

oprah winfrey has described being a celebrity in the public eye as a platform. a platform where you can either direct your energy constructively or destructively and unfortunately, there are many, many, like tracy morgan who get a raging boner every time they have the opportunity to use that platform for something destructive.

there are even people like joy behar who believe that comedy isn't funny unless you're ripping someone to shreds or denigrating them.


I'm kind of young, and this is one of few situations where I really was conflicted between being black and being gay. I see up front that I will probably always choose black if forced.

I don't think Tracy Morgan had any real intentions of delivering a hate speech, and maybe he had a little to drink before the performance and pushed things further than intended. I'm not making excuses for anything, but it just really sits uneasy with me the way the gay groups get so militant when it comes to putting a black man in his place, especially with the gay white boys saying things like "he's black, he should know better" and "he should be fired". Is Don Imus struggling for work (with a radio AND TV show)? Their statements are just as offensive as the way they took Tracy's performance. Gay white guys are some of the most racist people out there, yet they want everyone to accept them. It's hypocrisy at its best.

Tracy gave his apology. I'm not going to analyze whether it was sincere or not. I'm over it.

Account Deleted


Attitudes like yours are always dangerously problematic because you and others reinforce this mentality there is a ultimatum between racial identity and sexual identity. That's one of the oldest and manipulative tactics folks use to cause divisions: Where do your alliances side with. You play into easily.

It's quite tiring and folks like that don't get sympathy. What about your humanity? Do you put ethnocentric pride before that? Why not set your own identity. You're complaining about the pastry queens and yet you forget there isn't much love for Black LGBTs or ANY LGBTs in other minority group? Hypocrisy? LOL, what about other minority groups who scream marginalization and discrimination but don't put their own prejudices in questions. You think it's exclusive to White Gay men? There are Latinos who are quite discriminatory against Blacks and vice versa. Think of ANY marginalized group. And you know want to talk about hypocrasy?

The only thing I agree is that Morgan's tirade didn't have any major effect on me but it's still irritating to see this garbage come out and apologies to expected since they sound so forced and not sincere.

Apology has become policy.


I just thought of something: Tracy Morgan played as a gay dude in the movie "The Longest Yard" or something. Y'all remembered that right?



There is a conflict between ethnicity and sexuality for gay minorities. I'm not playing into anything; that's just the way it is. I didn't make it up or create it. It's just the "gay minority's burden". I'm not going to completely segregate myself to only socializing with other gay minorities, so it is something I deal with occasionally.

Other than that, I really can't understand what your point is because it's kind of all over the place, and I don't think the analogies make sense at all.

I agree, apology has become policy. He's definitely protecting his career to some extent, but what else can be done? Sensitivity training is pointless as far as I'm concerned. Adults need to stop trying to change other adults and just agree to disagree sometimes. All you can do is apologize and not repeat. After that, all parties need to just let it rest, period.

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