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08 June 2011



A "Wreck"? You gotta be kidding me! These 2 deserve each other.


And he's defending why? Because of that almighty dollar. Does it take a blatant scandal to see these two slimy hustlers for the con artists that they are?? Come on! Its time for these black circus churchs to really come to Jesus and we need to stop feeding and buying into it; Enough! Far too many lives wrecked already for no reason, shame on us for turning a blind eye to all of this..


I couldn't watch but a few seconds, partly because I'm thoroughly disgusted - pastors are to be held to a higher standard than laypeople but Dollar is saying otherwise. Also, how he thinks Long is still "anointed" bothers me. I'm not even sure Long was EVER anointed.

Why do we (black people) always rush to slap the label "anointed" on people who are simply talented and/or charismatic?

The other reason I couldn't watch but a few seconds is that I don't like the running commentary in the video. I can think for myself, and I don't need somebody trying to influence me. Just let me watch the damn video and draw my own conclusions, LOL.


The Black Church - where did it go wrong? OH! Like everything else when people realized there was money to be made, power to be had and people to take advantage of.

Bedside Baptist sounds devine right about now!



This is the most ignorant, vile, hateful and self-serving "sermon" I have ever heard in my life!

I am sick and tired of ALL OF THE SUDDEN preachers/pastors/clergy folks being NO DIFFERENT and SIMPLY HUMAN when our vow is to walk and work differently and to hold up the blood stained banner and live with a different moral code--not better than, simply different, with more concern and connection to certain laws, attitudes and actions.

Creflo Dollar saying that THE PASTOR DESERVES EXACTLY WHAT YOU GOT is just like saying that we can all be ordained to the post. NO, there is work and walking to do that is different. PERIOD!

MY GOD, STOP THIS MESS!!!! Kirk, what happens to the Black church is that it moved OUT of the community and became a BUSINESS!!!!


I saw this last night...Roland Martin was going off about this madness...SMH...the people in Atlanta need to stop this madness..ENOUGH!!!


Having lived in Atlanta 39 years now, you see and hear a lot about Atlanta's Black preachers in Georgia. It is a brotherhood and like with any brotherhood you're gonna look out for your brother. The opening sentence of this report said it all, "Why is this not a surprise?" A number of these preachers (including New Birth member and rumored lesbian Bernice King) marched with Eddie in 2004 when he led a national march in Atlanta against gay marriage several years ago or supported him if they weren't able to march. There's dirt on Creflo with rumors on his money laundering but he hasn't gotten caught yet. When he does get caught, Eddie when be their supporting that anointed one.

Account Deleted

Sorry but I'm not outraged. It's really hard to be shocked or outraged anymore. In fact, I come to expect this a lot.

Aamir Swag

AMEN, @ RevKev


But you know what, its just a matter of time; I work with these so-called christians that go to these mega churches and now they're starting to complain about the constant 'building fund' collections and the First Lady collections..Anytime the congregation starts waking up; uh oh. And since when did a church really need 2 or more ATM machines in the lobby; hello? Whats up with that?
I'm a sit right here and wait til Rod gives us the Creflo in spandex cell phone photo we all been waiting for; Yes LAWD!


As preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ I am not shaken by the actions of Mr. Dollar nor his colleague in Black Church Enterprises. Birds of a feather, flock together understand my gay sons of the most high don't allow this to be the example where the church is going because soon the Dollars and the Longs are going to fall and those who are worshiping God in spirit and in TRUTH will emerge victorious in all this. JUST WATCH GOD FIGHT YOUR BATTLE!


How in the world can so-called intelligent black men and women sit under these people? Thank God for commonsense.

Distant Lover

What is the surprise here people? The man's name says it all! It's all about them dollars! If Eddie Long goes down in flames then everybody would be looking into all the goings-on in Creflo's business and Creflo has a lot going on to support his million dollar homes, jet airplanes and multi-millionaire bank accounts. You don't get to Bishop Long and Creflo's level with some serious back scratching. Eddie's back is itching and Creflo is scratching it. Soon, when the Feds are investigating Creflo, Ole Eddie will be there bewailing how Satan's minions are tormenting an 'anointed Man of God".
That's why I stopped going to church years ago.
I love the Lord, but he needs to fire his PR agency. They are really doing a messed up job representing him!


It's things like this that makes me think people convert to Atheism after losing FAITH in their "ministry". Can't really say I blame them sometimes.


MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, Ms. Creflo KNOW she betta TEASE AND POP with this "defense"...



@Jace I think most of us atheist "convert" because we ultimately find the whole god concept illogical and unsubstantiated. I know many who say they became atheists after actually reading the bible without rose colored glasses.

But I do think the actions of some of those in the pulpit may lead to the initial questioning.

In any case I appreciate the perspective of RevKev and others. Better for us nonbelievers to have sensible allies in the faith community.


amoral friends of tree jumpers for jesus have no souls...

easy money via sheeple is their only god



Honut Sinti


You simply can't make up names like these to add flavor to scandals.

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