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02 June 2011


Chris Cruz

So lovely!

Account Deleted

Beautiful! It's great to see women of color represented.

Distant Lover

Absolutely wonderful!!!! I wish all of the couples the best!

Black Gay Dude

The link to the Windy City Times features a spread of photos from the big Civil Union ceremony in the park in Chicago officiated by the mayor. I see a variety of races represented among the same-sex couples. However, what I don't see are any Black male same-sex couples. Why is that? I don't think the photographers were prejudiced. Are we brothers scared of committemnt or scrared to be see?


Congrats to all the couples!! Love is a beautiful thing and sharing it for the world to see is beautiful.

I too have a question about the lack of black male couples. Why do they seem non-exsistent? Are we so dl that we hide in the shadows when it comes to everything? Lawd knows we are out there screwing. Are we scared of committing? We seem so far and few in between when it comes to these articles.

Depending on the state or city, you might see one or two black male couples out of 30 to 100 couples. Then we get mad when we see black men with white men. Then we see the black/white couple getting married and get even more upset. Why do we feel this way? Not all black gay men want to hide in the shadows. Yet our partners don't want our love to shine in the light of day. Yes, not everyone can do that because of jobs, family, ect. But one couple out of 33-100. Come on now.

I believe in sex and love it. But I also believe in marriage. It is possible to believe in both. Congrats to all the happy couples!!! Live and love!!

Account Deleted

I had to comment here again to get the sour taste I got from reading the above discussion about the pastor in Harlem. Yuck!

Anyway....Love is beautiful. Including the ghey type.

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